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Guédelon Castle, France. Source: Atlantis / Adobe Stock.

Building a Medieval Replica Castle Using Ancient Techniques (Video)


In the realm of modern carpentry, where power tools often reign supreme, Christophe, a skilled French-Canadian Carpenter, embarks on a unique challenge. He's part of a team constructing Guédelon Castle, not with cutting-edge machinery, but by embracing the techniques of the 13th century. Every task demands precision, even aligning the A-frame, crucial for maintaining the castle's level. Christophe's dedication to these age-old building methods is remarkable. Nestled in the heart of Burgundy, France, Guédelon Castle’s construction, initiated in 1997, is a journey back in time. Beyond its eventual 21st-century grandeur, the project aims to decode the mysteries of medieval craftsmanship.

A team of artisans, including stone carvers, masons, and carpenters, is painstakingly transforming raw stones into a magnificent castle. They embody the spirit of bygone workers, revealing ancient work ethics and techniques. Their unconventional tools, like a human hamster wheel for lifting stones, hark back to a time when every worker had a precise role in this symphony of labor. In a world dominated by digital marvels, Guédelon Castle’s 25-year construction process is a living testament to human perseverance. Visitors come to witness this extraordinary endeavor, with over 315,000 annual guests sustaining the site through admissions and concessions. The castle's slow rise reminds us of the enduring legacy of manual craftsmanship, offering a unique window into our shared history and the fascinating techniques of the 13th century.

Top image: Guédelon Castle, France. Source: Atlantis / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell

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