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Guédelon Castle, France. Source: Atlantis / Adobe Stock.

Building a Medieval Replica Castle Using Ancient Techniques (Video)

In the realm of modern carpentry , where power tools often reign supreme, Christophe, a skilled French-Canadian Carpenter, embarks on a unique challenge. He's part of a team constructing Guédelon...
Japanese carpentry miyadaiku. Source: Fergus Coyle / Adobe Stock.

Repairing Temples in Japan Without a Single Nail (Video)

In historical Japan , the luxury of using metal for construction was a costly endeavor out of reach for many carpenters. As a workaround, the ingenious "miyadaiku" carpenters, specialized in temple...
The Guennol Lioness of Elam from ancient Iran is over 5,000 years old!		Source: Unknown sculptor / Public domain

The Guennol Lioness and Her Secrets: An Enigmatic Figure in Ancient Iran

The world of the ancient past is undoubtedly filled with many mysteries. The knowledge of the ancients escapes us today: we are not fully aware of the extent of their wisdom and their ability to...