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Content written by John Patrick Hill

John Patrick Hill is a researcher, designer, artist, and musician from California. He studied fine art at Barstow Community College, fine art, art history, and anthropology at CSU Dominguez Hills, and jewelry arts at Long Beach City College. He is published at of Vienna, Austria, formerly at Nazar-Look of Romania, and with Ancient American of the United States. He is a father and family man, and sings and plays percussion with the choir at his Catholic church of St. Joseph’s. John is currently working on a book, a film, and for a new business in his hometown of Barstow, CA, while exhibiting works at a lapidary company named Diamond Pacific. He does community work to save a 1930 iron truss bridge, support the creation of an arts district, and save the region’s water supply as the area’s Mojave River is due to run out in 50 years. In 2015, he experienced an amazing supernatural epiphany that has guided his life in many new ways. It has provided a manner of seeing across cultures, among varied faiths, and has given vision and sustenance to an early life gift of total peace. In 1968, he and his brother witnessed the passing of an immense earthen spheroid while he was visited by an ancient spirit of a person from the Southwest tribes of the USA. He was born in Barstow, California in 1965 into a large family. He lives with his two cats, Sami, and Lil Sami. Read More...


Can Ancient Mathematics Avert Meteor Strikes and the Hopi Prophecy of Fiery Cataclysm?

Imagine a skryer standing in the newly erected circle of Stonehenge, working instruments to ‘see’ if there have been any disruptions in the fields of asteroids high above. The circle of stone has...