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ArticleEvidence Of Cannabis Consumption Found In Tang Warrior’s Tomb ashley cowie218 hours 57 min ago
ArticleDetectorists Find “Paranormal Paracetamol” in Fossilized Human Waste ashley cowie21 day 18 hours ago
ArticleAntiquity’s Fierce Child Warriors Who Died For Their Tribes ashley cowie01 day 22 hours ago
ArticleThe Erechtheion Temple of the Acropolis Was Not a Harem After All! ashley cowie23 days 10 hours ago
ArticleResearchers Discover Evidence That Humans Hunted Two Million Years Ago ashley cowie25 days 38 min ago
ArticleVai Script Invented in the 1800s Sheds Light On the Development of Writing ashley cowie01 week 1 day ago
ArticleRare Runic Writing Unearthed in Norway ashley cowie11 week 1 day ago
ArticleCharting the Role of Prehistoric Genius in Technological Revolution ashley cowie41 week 2 days ago
ArticleStudy Reveals Sapiens Copulated the Y Out of Neanderthals ashley cowie31 week 2 days ago
ArticleIncredible 4,000-year-old Stone Board Game Found in Oman Was For More Than Just Fun ashley cowie11 week 4 days ago
ArticleMagic Shoes And Boots: The Soles Of Mythology ashley cowie11 week 5 days ago
ArticleUnique Bronze Age Clan Cemetery Excavated in Anyang, China ashley cowie11 week 6 days ago
Article8 Jars Of Colombian Emeralds, Gold, and Silver Unearthed Near Bogotá ashley cowie22 weeks 18 hours ago
ArticleChild Mummies in the Palermo Catacombs Cause of Death Investigation ashley cowie02 weeks 1 day ago
Article800-Year-Old Boomerang Discovered in Australian Creek ashley cowie22 weeks 2 days ago
ArticleUK University Censors “Domestic Violence” in Ancient Greek Poem ashley cowie92 weeks 2 days ago
ArticleMcDonald’s Banned from Building Fast Food Chain at Rome’s Baths of Caracalla ashley cowie12 weeks 2 days ago
ArticleFetus Found Mummified Inside the Womb of a 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy ashley cowie12 weeks 3 days ago
ArticleWorkshop Discovered Near Famous Sutton Hoo Ship Burial ashley cowie22 weeks 4 days ago
ArticleHeadless Horse Unearthed in an Elite Merovingian Cemetery in Germany ashley cowie12 weeks 6 days ago
ArticleHead Lice on South American Mummies Shed Light on Ancient Virus Spread ashley cowie13 weeks 1 day ago
ArticleIs The 32ft-long Apocalyptic ‘Earth’s Black Box’ Sheer Catastrophism? ashley cowie93 weeks 1 day ago
ArticleShattered Skeletons of Man and Dog From Eruption and Tsunami 3,600 Years Ago ashley cowie03 weeks 1 day ago
ArticleNew Finds Show Ancient Baltic Amber Elites Weren’t Ignorant or Dumb! ashley cowie03 weeks 3 days ago
ArticleAncestry Shock: Britain Got Half its Genes from France! ashley cowie33 weeks 4 days ago