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The ancient pealazg people comes from Atlantis


Pelazgi, who in ancient times founded civilization in Crete and floated on the Mediterranean Sea, settled in Italy, in North Africa, and then on the territory of Spain and beyond, the Canary Islands where the Guanchi people left them, Britain where they built Stonehenge, and then America where they were brought the Kutur to Neolithic landowners. Thus the civilization of omeks emerged. We find their settlements in Brazil. The plains are the very Atlanteans, who, according to Plato, were driving along the other side of the Hercules pillars. But the Atlanteans are in a relative sense.

Archimedes Mirrors, modern research

Many of us know the legend of the burning mirror of Archimedes. When Marcellus [The Roman General] had placed the ships a bow shot off, the old man [Archimedes] constructed a sort of hexagonal mirror. He placed at proper distances from the mirror other smaller mirrors of the same kind, which were moved by means of their hinges and certain plates of metal. He placed it amid the rays of the sun at noon, both in summer and winter. The rays being reflected by this, a frightful fiery kindling was excited on the ships, and it reduced them to ashes, from the distance of a bow shot.

An ancient map is found in Ukraine

Map-making appears to predate written language. What may be the oldest map in the worldOffsite Link, discovered in Ukraine in 1966, may date from about 10,000 BCE. Inscribed on a mammoth tusk, the map was found in Mezhirich, Ukraine.

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What's your favourite Fairy Tales (and their possible origins)

Fairy Tales are beloved by all, deservedly so. So which Fair Tales do you enjoy most? If you can tell us its origin, or possible meaning, then please share that too! It’s always great to learn something new about our favourite stories :)

Mine is The Singing Bone, which has its origin (possibly) from an old Greek Myth (Meleager and the Calydonian boar) both stories have a boar, a murdered brother, and a sort of ‘Stick of fate’ effect.

However, the Greek Myth does not have a singing bone XD, which would have upped the epicness.


As a christian believer, i believe we are now living through the period covered by the Book Of Revelations.I witnessed a UFO myself hovering over a chemical plant in 1999 and believed aliens were probably visiting us although science suggested it would be to far for them to travel in time.Then i came across the Bayside shrine website where Jesus & Mary appeared to Veronica between 1970-94.There were many miracles performed there & other signs of the Divine presence at the time.They said that Satan & his cohorts were using UFO’s to f