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ArticleAn Exploration into the Existence of Giants in the Georgian Caucusus ancient-origins201 hour 38 min ago
ArticleCursing of Coprnice: The Good and Evil of Croatian Folklore Jelena Hrvoj02 hours 23 min ago
ArticleRace Against Time and Tide To Rescue Trove of Treasures At Siberian Atlantis ancient-origins02 hours 47 min ago
ArticleNative Americans revive squash from seeds found in an 800-year-old pot Mark Miller2112 hours 54 min ago
ArticleEnheduanna: High Priestess of the Moon and the First Known Author Kerry Sullivan317 hours 54 min ago
ArticleThe Ancient Admiration of Birds: Flamingos as Masterpieces of Art and Food Maura Andreoni017 hours 58 min ago
ArticleOssuary of James the Just: The First Archaeological Evidence of the Existence of Jesus of Nazareth? Pierluigi Tombetti131 day 8 hours ago
ArticleWas Mary Magdalene Destined To Be the First Pope? Michael Hearns31 day 13 hours ago
ArticleResearchers Discover Ancient “Weapon Making Site” Near Skeleton of Woolly Mammoth ancient-origins01 day 19 hours ago
ArticleBirds in the Ancient World: Messengers of Omens and Auguries ancient-origins11 day 19 hours ago
ArticleDr. Eran Elhaik ancient-origins01 day 23 hours ago
Forum topicPlease introduce yourself aprilholloway2143 days 1 hour ago
Book ReviewOmicidi: Il fascino del Male (Italian Edition) ancient-origins04 days 14 hours ago
Book ReviewLost Civilizations: The Secret Histories and Suppressed Technologies of the Ancients ancient-origins04 days 14 hours ago
Book ReviewThe Buried: An Archaeology of the Egyptian Revolution ancient-origins04 days 14 hours ago
Book ReviewThe Map of Knowledge: A Thousand-Year History of How Classical Ideas Were Lost and Found ancient-origins04 days 14 hours ago
Book ReviewCompendium Of The Emerald Tablets ancient-origins04 days 14 hours ago
Book ReviewMeditations: A New Translation ancient-origins04 days 14 hours ago
Book ReviewA Portable Cosmos: Revealing the Antikythera Mechanism, Scientific Wonder of the Ancient World ancient-origins04 days 14 hours ago
ArticleArcheological Mystery Solved with Modern Genetics: Y Chromosomes Reveal Population Boom and Bust in Ancient Japan ancient-origins05 days 22 hours ago
Article10 Sensational Sunken Kingdoms: Atlantis’ Companions Beneath the Waves ancient-origins06 days 1 hour ago
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