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The mystery behind the plagues that have killed millions


If we take a close look into the history of humanity we will see that societies have never been undisturbed for a long period of time. It would be either wars or mysterious and unexplained plagues. Are these plagues random event or is something more sinister triggering them? Let’s see what history tells us about the devastating plagues that have come before us.

In the period before Christ, when a plague happened it was always considered an ‘act of God’ (or Gods). In all mythologies and religions that has always been the case. One of those famous plagues was the Seven Plagues of Egypt that God, through Moses, threw to the Egyptian Empire during the famous Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. The seven plagues according to the Bible show a clear and deliberate intervention of God with a specific goal in mind – help his followers and show his power no matter what.

“And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house, and into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thine ovens, and into thy kneading troughs. And the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people, and upon all thy servants. Exodus: 8:3-4”

“I've also done it so you can tell your children and grandchildren about how I made a mockery of the Egyptians and about the signs I displayed among them--and so you will know that I am the LORD.” Exodus 10:2

Another famous plague (before Christ) was the Plague of Athens which took place in about 430 BC during the second year of the Peloponnesian War and at a critical phase when the Athenians were about to win the war – the result changed the course of the events. It was an Era of corruption where ancient Greek Religion didn’t have its power anymore, people were unfaithful and the Gods seemed to have abandoned the Greeks. According to the oracle of Delphi, Apollo himself was responsible for the disease who supported the opposite party (Sparta) instead of Athens. Historian Thucydides refers to the Plague of Athens extensively in his writing.

“This year, by confession of all men, was of all other, for other diseases, most free and healthful. If any man were sick before, his disease turned to this; if not, yet suddenly, without any apparent cause preceding and being in perfect health, they were taken first with an extreme ache in their heads, redness and inflammation of the eyes; and then inwardly, their throats and tongues grew presently bloody and their breath noisome and unsavoury.” Thucydides, The History of the Peloponnesian War

Plagues - CometsAfter Christ one of the major plagues was the Justinian Plague that struck the Byzantine Empire under the reign of Justinian, one of the most powerful emperors of Byzantine. The plague coincidentally happened during Justinian’s plans to start a series of military campaigns (a genocide) to reclaim the land that once was of the Roman Empire. And this is when in the middle of the sixth century BC a deadly disease appeared. The causalities of the pandemic numbered between 25 and 100 million in Europe and Asia. Recent research suggests that the plague probably was caused by a bacteria, the same bacteria that is also connected to other pandemics including the later Black Death. However, it is unknown how this bacteria appeared. Historical references of that era mention a series of unusual aerial phenomena that occurred at the time the plague struck. One of the historians, Gregory of Tours, documented a series of phenomena during the plague years, including bright lights appearing around the sun and the heavens being on fire. Other reports from France mentioned bright illuminated night sky making it like a day and an immense ‘dragon’ floating through the city and down to the sea which preceded an immediate outbreak of the plague in the area. And even if some of those events may be related to phenomena like the ‘sun dog’ effect, some of them cannot been explained. Could it be meteorites crashing on Earth bringing with them deadly bacteria and viruses? Or was it the conscious intervention of the ‘Gods’ to punish humanity and alter history as was written in the past?

Later on, the Black Death was another major plague that appeared between 1347 and 1350 and lasted up to the late 1600s. In total, it is approximated to have killed over 100 million people. The Black Death began in Asia and then spread to Europe. One of the strange characteristic of the Black Death is that it was spread at such a speed and in ways that seem impossible given the lack of air travel in those days. The plague would seem to just inexplicably appear at the same time in multiple different areas. Most of the historical reports on the plague would mention a smelly mist that would precede the outbreak. At the same time strange bright lights in the sky would be reported and those reports were from multiple locations. Before the first outbreak of the plague, many comets were seen over Europe. Again we have the same pattern as with the Justinian plague: strange phenomena accompanying the plague. Of course this plague was also attributed to the wrath of God.

The plagues mentioned in this article are only a few. Whether they have been ‘natural’ events or events triggered by meteors or an actual intervention of the ‘Gods’ is yet to be discovered. However, it has become obvious that something is not right and the pattern keeps repeating in all of those major plagues. Bacteria that can survive a comet impact on Earth has been recently proven making the theory of extra-terrestrial bacteria responsible for such diseases more probable.

William Bramley in his book the Gods of Eden he has done an excellent research into the history of humanity, and his conclusion was pretty alarming.

By John Black

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NOONES COMMENTED ON THIS?!?!?! as for where your sources came from id be interested in mr. Black, but a correlation with ufos and “a smelly mist” seems pretty commentable to me! maybe the black knight satellite is a repository for germs… in the tablets of enki it describes a place where pestilences are kept and that they were released on earth to kill their slaves.. perhaps the watchers saw the war and decided to release one? but seriously where can one find that information?

infinitesimal waveparticles comprise what we call home the earth
manipulatable by thought ability supressed in humans since birth

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John Black

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