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William Bramley

William Bramley


William Bramley is the author of The Gods of Eden: A New Look at Human History and Jesus Goes to Hollywood: The Alternative Theories About Christ.  His primary fields of interest are history, sociology, and comparative religion.  He has appeared on the History Channel's Ancient Aliens series and other venues.  Although he is no longer active in his research and writing activities, he says that he is happy to answer questions as best he can.  He can also be reached through his modest website at

About his book, Gods of Eden, Bramley says: “I resumed my writing career at age twenty-six when I began the research that would culminate in my first book The Gods of Eden.  I was still a college kid at heart with a penchant for digging into things and learning about the world, and that kept me at the task for seven years part-time.  The first hardcover edition was released in 1989.  I was sure that very few people would read it since I had wandered into strange territory indeed as the result of my attitude "go where the evidence leads."  I was pleasantly surprised at the positive reception that it received.”

Although Bramley's book concerns UFOs, he says that he did not set out to write a book about UFOs but rather had spent seven years investigating the root causes of war before finally disclosing his startling conclusions. He says:

“There are few subjects today as full of false information, deceit, and madness as "flying saucers." Many earnest people who attempt to study the subject are driven around in circles by a terrific amount of dishonesty from a small number of people who, for the sake of a fleeting moment of notoriety or with the deliberate intention to obfuscate, have clouded the field with false reports, untenable "explanations," and fraudulent evidence. Suffice it to say that behind this smokescreen there is ample evidence of extraterrestrial visitations to Earth. This is too bad. An in-depth study of the UFO phenomenon reveals that it does not offer a happy little romp through the titillating unknown. The UFO appears more and more to be one of the grimmest realities ever confronted by the human race. — The Gods of Eden, pp.8-9.

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i read your reply on ancient origins and loved gods of eden. what book have u published or written?

Maybe you may find my work of interest. It seems that our world, planet Earth, has been the home of intelligent beings for a very long time, upwards of one billion years. As such, these various intelligent beings were the Intelligent Design many religious persons believe caused our world.

How do we know this? My research has demonstrated very ancient civilizations by the application of plate tectonic theory as a method of dating the ancient past. As such, it has been possible to date ancient Egypt as over 28 million years old and maybe 46 million years old.

Mexico was home of an ancient civilization during the time of the dinosaurs, between 100 to 66 million years ago. This is demonstrated, again, by the use of plate tectonics (the movement of the continents). In fact, the meteor impact that killed the dinosaurs in the Yucatan created a crater that has been dated to 66 millions years and this gives us an absolute reference to date the ancient past.

Also, recently released artifacts by the Government of Mexico indicate that the Earth was home to an advanced intelligent society at the time of the super continent Rodinia, between 900 to 750 million years ago.

You may read my "black2tell" blog on wordpress or email directly with your questions. Mr. Black

My name is Shmouel Y. David. I am Assyrian from Nineveh & Bavvil or Babylon.
The Book (The Garden Of Eden) by: William Bramley, was a great book, very educational, vast of information about the human societies and some part of human history on earth. Often, the author expanded his imaginations and dwelt on the concept of (HUMAN SLAVERY, BY THE GODS OF OTHER WORLD).
I would like to expand the imagination to different level:
We been asking ourselves, why are we here? Why all living on earth have much in comments? Human, Animals, Bugs, Birds, Trees, which are on the surface and beneath earth, and all the Mammals of the water, all have shared the same beginning and the same end. We all, are born and we all, die at one point of our life. We have beginning and an end, that is, as we know it.
We all have eyes, mouth, and rectum. We all need energy to maintain life, energy by food, by air, by sun and we all are territorial species. We all end in wars, one way or the other. Just as if human are at war with each other, equally the same, all other species have wars and territorial invasion too. All the living on earth, have an energy, which the human calls (SOUL).
We do not know what the other species calls the soul, however, souls are energy, or a power , which, ultimately, without the soul or the energy, no living can exist, or we will be definite as dead.
If we go back to book (THE GODS OF EDEN) , which the Author mentioned that the Gods came to enslave the human society for their gain of gold or other minerals of the earth. Another theory in the book was that all the wars around the world were and are created by the higher power. Ultimately, these higher intelligence, which we called God or Gods or Keeper, wants us to fight among ourselves, that way they can control us.
If that was possible and if the idea was closer to the truth, THEN, why all the living on earth kills each other, invade each other’s territories? Here we should ask ourselves, are Gods or the keeper of earth doing the same with all the livings and for what higher purpose?
Are the Gods, or the Keepers enslaving all living of earth too? For what reason ? I am sure not for Gold or for the minerals of the earth. Mr. Bramley’s theory is not to convincing to me . I am giving you the comparison and the similarities of all the livings on earth. We all do the same. If God, Gods or Keepers were doing this to Human , then why all living share the same end and misery as human, or the Gods do the same to all livings too. My mind cannot accept this.
Here, I depart in my thinking of Mr. Bramley.
Please allow me to express to you of my thinking, who are the visitors, or so called God, Gods, Keeper and what is our relationship to all, or to the creator (s).
My upbringing was in a small town in Iraq, it is called HABBANYAH, which it was under British control, during my birth, now it is under the Iraqi authorities. Habbanyah was fenced with wires, that way other Iraqi could not inter illegally to Habbanyah camp. As a child, I did not know what was behind the parameters of Habbanyah. My world was few square miles not even that, my outlook of my world was only less than one mile, because most of the camp was restricted, only the British people could walk freely in the camp. At the time of my living there, I thought that was the extend of earth; there was nothing behind my vision’s ability. I was very happy child, because that was all that I knew.
In 1956, we moved to Baghdad, after British left Iraq, as we traveled to Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, I was most amused of the landscape behind the bob wired of Habbanyah. Living in Baghdad, my thought and my outlook of earth was broadened. As I was schooled in Baghdad, I became more aware of earth ,which I thought Habbanyah’s end fence was the end of the world, which I knew.
When I went to Baghdad, my outlook of a bigger earth was convinced, at least in my small mind.
I learned about faith, languages, history & culture. Now that I am living in this era , the period of knowledge, technology, astrology could be obtained within an instant touch of a bottom, receiving vast information about everything, I am looking at earth, at our life and at our universe and of our existing with a very different thinking, with different eyes.
Since Habbanyah, not only that my outlook for life has been changed, but my faith has changed too, because I believe that all living on earth have a purpose, other than becoming slaves for UFO or the Keepers.
Let us take another example:
Human society, regardless of their location or of their cultures, all somehow believe in a higher up power, some societies create some forms of God , to pray to it and to believe in it.
The majority of societies on earth believe of the theory of HELL and HAVEN, NOW AND AFTER DEATH, GOOD AND EVIL and some believe that when our life ends, that is it, dark and nothing, the end.
We must have some kind of faith, or fear or life after or hell for those that are bad on this earth, otherwise, without all of the above, societies will fall, a chaos will be worse than what is now or what is have been going on in the history of mankind. In every society, human gives thanks for someone.
Now, I wonder the farm that is about few acres of land, with a farmer and his family there, maintaining the farm and its stocks, why there is a relationship between the farmer and his/her stocks. Assuming the farmer has several cows, horses, chickens, pigs and so on, we will find out that the farmer and his family take care of these animals and birds, we all know why. Farmer needs these animals for his survivor and for the survivor of his family.
He/She will feed these animals on daily bases, maintain them with good health, clean them, wash them and attend them with utmost care. The farmer is not doing all the caring because he/she are nice people or good and kind people, they are doing all these services, because they are benefiting from these stocks, like milk, meat, skin feathers, eggs, fertilize and so on.
Don’t you ever wonder what the animals, birds, fish and so on ,thinks of humans? When we are kind to them, often loving them, protecting them and all, WHAT DO THEY THINK OF US. WHO ARE WE TO THEM? ARE WE THEIR GOD, THEIR KEEPER, OR WHAT?
These stocks, do not know about their world, the earth the universe, they don’t have any knowledge beyond their moments of been hungry and the fact that they want to be fed. I too did not know of my world beyond Habbanyah.
If these stocks do not know what is beyond the few acres of land, they do not know more than the farmer or his family. These stocks know that every day the farmer’s will feeding them, may be they too feel of his love and of his caring, I don’t know , I am just assuming, but the possibilities are there, I WONDER WHAT DO THEY THINK WHEN THE FARMER TAKE THEM TO THE SLAUGHTER’S HOUSE ? DO THEY STILL THINK THAT THE FARMER IS THEIR GOD? Alternatively, on their way to be killed, do they still think that their keeper is a kind person?
On the other hand, the farmer was protecting his stocks, loving them, playing with them, were stocks sharing the same feeling with the farmer, not knowing that one day will come when their friend or their protector will slaughter them for his or his family’s existing ?
I remember in Habbanyah, we had sheep, we loved them, played with them, fed them and so on. I remember when my father and other owners told the Butcher to slaughter several of their sheep. Surly , it was to use their meat for us to survive. I remember the sheep been dragged from their tails and their necks, only to force them to the slaughterhouse. The sheep looked at us screaming very loud, we were children, did not understand the meaning of animal’s pain, or if they were asking us for mercy, or if they were telling us that they have children too and if they were telling us that they were leaving their family behind. May be they were crying and telling us , help us, we are going too killed, we did not feel nor understand any of their cry. I saw their black tears gushing from their eyes, looking at us, screaming so loud and trying to communicate with us, as if they were pleading with us, SAYING, I AM YOUR FRIEND, YOU PLAYED WITH ME, YOU TOOK CARE OF ME, YOU LOVED ME AS I LOVED YOU, WE VISITED EACH OTHER AND HUGGED, AS IF THEY WERE SAYING, HOW COULD YOU LET ME BE KILLED. However , we did not understand them. If the UFO exist, I wonder if their intelligence is so higher to the living on earth , that them too do not understand of our suffering, when they take us away , we say to them, no please , do not hurt us, we have children and family, but because their level of intelligence is higher, them too do not have the feelings of our white and clear tears and suffering.
None of us felt their pain, children and the adults, we did not know, all that is all that we knew, we need to eat, we need to keep warm , we did not think of ourselves as GOD or GODS, We thought we were only using the sheep for our purpose to survive.
Now what the animal thought of us while alive, only them knows, what they thought of us when they were on their way to the slaughter house, again only the all mighty would know.
Why do we think that the creator is keeping us on this earth or earth like or the infinite life with an infinite beings, human or not. Is the creator keeping us as slaves , as it was described in the book of THE GOD OF EDEN? Personally, I say no, not for slavery, because he is the creator of all, or is he or is she or they.
Assuming that a higher intelligence created all living, we all ask why, what is our purpose? We know that the creator do not need our meat, our skin, our strength for harvesting or for mining, because he is the creator, if he/she or it, can create all , they can also harvest all the minerals of universe. In addition, if they do use us as slaves to harvest or to put us against each other, to fight and to kill, then they are not God, they are not the creator. If they travel by some kind of vehicle of power, then they are not God, they could not be the creators.
I consider God is the one or many that will not destroy, is the one that can GIVE LIFE. Life to all living on earth and in the universe. If God or the Keeper needs tools to travel, if they kill and make people kill each other, if they can hate and force people against their wish, then they are not God, at all.
Here, I am trying to establish that much of what was written in the book of God of Eden was fictional and good imagination, but that was that.
You may ask me , well what do you think , why God created us, all living, on this earth or on the infinite earth like this one, of its reality, here and now.
My answer, to the best of my thinking and in comparison to the stocks and the farmer, I would say, we are on a bigger farm, a farm that we calls earth. We all, that means all the living with ENERGY or SOUL, been farmed and kept for a purpose. Some will argue with me about the soul, some will call it energy and some with faith will argue that is not energy but it is a soul, in fact it is a soul been gifted by God and only to human being.
It is my belief, that any living on the face of earth, in the air or in the water must have a soul, or energy.
Here I am trying to say that we all have a soul or energy, soul is not limited to only human, but to all livings.
So what does the creator want for all living of an infinite earth like?
I believe in good and bad, evil and holly, day and night, positive, and negative, male and female. If I believe in all that mentioned, then , I do believe in the existing of a creator , that means the existing of God and the existing of Devil too. Unfortunately, we the human had labeled God as good and Devil as Evil, honestly, in my opinion no one know the true, if the names that giving to these two powerful names fit their deeds. At this point, I will convince myself, as I have been programed during my childhood, that God is Good and Evil is bad.
I believe that all the living has two different souls, one that is good and one that is bad. Often, we feel the power of our soul, especially when we do good deed or a bad, we all have those feelings.
Therefore, what does our feeling in good and bad deed has to do with the creator and the soul or in fact the farmer.
Well, if the creator or creators do not want our bodies, do not use us for slavery to harvest gold, then they must need us for our ENERGY, OR OUR SO CALLED (SOUL).
May be, the level of which the creators live, do not need material, they need energy, such as the case is with all the living on earth’s souls, they may be harvesting us for our souls. Because, our souls would energize them, because our souls are made of pure energy, therefore, they too are keeping us for their own survival.
Imagine, if the souls were some kind of strong energy, that kind of energy could have such of power that is beyond our understanding. Our mind and our thought are so limited, we cannot explore the power of soul, nor can we accept that we are on a farm like the stock on the farmer’s land. Why such an idea is any different from those stocks which lived on a small farm , which been taken a good care by the farmer ? except, this time it is we that are in question, are we praying for our farmer, which at the end we too will give the creator something of ours.
Are we sending blessing to God, only. At the end to find out that, he/she was using us for energy?
In addition, it is my believe that we are not alone, we do exist into infinite life, infinite earth. I believe that every thought that comes to our mind, it did exist on the infinite of our life, so, Shmouel David here on this earth on this reality, he exist on an infinite other realities. What I do here, the Shmouel in the other realities feel it. Every idea, invention, thought, discovery on my reality here, has had taken place there.
I do some inventions, I don’t think that the invention that came to my vision came out of nowhere, and I don’t think my invention is new, yes it could be new to me to those that are with me on the same reality, but the invention had existed in my other reality of the infinite world of Shemoul and yours too
Imagine, if I am right of the infinite earth like life, infinite you and me, imagine how many souls there are to exist , in the meantime, how many souls will be harvested by the creators. Good or Devil.
One may ask, then if that was true, why children are dying when they are so young and some at birth?
My answer to this kind of questions would be, in every productions may be some mishaps, it is possibility that the same exist in the creator’s world.
Then what could be the different between the new soul and the old soul, I think, when the soul is so young, its energy is not as great as the older souls. As we live , that means all on earth, our soul learn of the unknowns to us, by the time it leaves our body on its way to its origin. When our souls depart our earthly body, they go with difference of energy, the old life goes back with greater energy than the young soul. At the end of each life on earth, we energize those that are in need for our soul for their existing.
In regards to Mr. Bramley’s writing about earth been visited by outer space Aliens, and that they are here to enslave us and they are the one that gave us and guided us to different faith, like Judaism, Christianity, Islam or the new Mormon faith, my thoughts about this area are, yes, there are much of evidence that we have been visited , we are visited , as it is called in this era, UFO. The question is , are they from outer space, from a different world? I believe that they are not from different world, they are from our future or from our past.
I believe that the human societies advanced technologically and by the social life the earth. Is it possible that human being learned how to travel through time, to the future and to the past, created a group of traveler from every member of hum an society, they saw the problems of technology, good and bad, they understood the history of the past, it is human who is going to our past Babylonian time to the Maia’s time and to our time of this era.
All the indication of the so called Aliens in Babylon, in Egypt and all that was mentioned in the book THE GOD OF EDEN, that the visitors were of the human’s forms, they had two legs, two hands, their head was like human, they came with a machine that was powerful, which it made loud sound, shook the earth, told Moses, tell no other to come to me , otherwise they will be killed. From all the indications of this book and for the stories that are written in Genesis, the discretion of a mad God, delouse God, a destroyer God, a demanding God, the destruction of earth by water, by taken the woman of man by the son of God and by force , all these writings are describing a human being behavior and not of a supreme loving God. Every discretion of God , has been of one self-portrait, not the loving God. I believe that we in the future have learned how to travel through time and the other infinite world of earth.

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