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Inside the cave system where the burials have been found at Tulum site.	Source: Promeza research project, Tulum. Jerónimo Aviles Olguin/INAH

Unprecedented Cave Burials Found At Tulum Open New Avenues of Investigation

A cave containing mortuary deposits of many individuals has been discovered within the walled confines of Tulum Archaeological Zone, the picturesque site of a coastal Maya city in Quintana Roo,...
Diver in a cenote in Mexico. Public Domain.

13,700-Year-Old Skeleton in Mexican Cenote Reveals Human Origins (Video)

Deep within Mexico's subterranean realm lies a site of immense archaeological significance. Recent discoveries have reshaped our understanding of the earliest human presence in the Americas,...
Right: Divers discovered the ancient woman's remains in the Chan Hol cenote cave, near Tulum, Mexico. Left: Pieces of skeleton put together.  Source: Eugenio Acevez & Jerónimo Avilés Olguín / Heidelberg University

9,900-Year-Old Skeleton Found in Mexican Cenote Rewrites History

9,900-year-old human skeleton found in a Mexican underwater cenote cave illustrates the complexity of the first settlers in the Americas. New research published yesterday in the journal PLOS One...
Original position of the skeletal remains inside submerged cave of Muknal.    Source: Jerónimo Avilés /© 2020 Hubbe et al CC BY 4.0

First Americans Were More Diverse Than Thought

Scientists are claiming current theories “over-simplify” how the Americas were populated. Many of us were once taught that the Americas were void of humans until around 13,000 years ago. Authors like...
Exploring the Sac Actun submerged caves in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

A Mexican Underwater Cave System is the Largest in the World…and Filled with Archaeological Value

The largest known flooded cave system in the world is also a major source of archaeological interest. After 10 months of intensive exploration, divers have declared that 347 kilometers (216 miles) of...
Main: A cenote in Tulum, Mexico. Inset: Ancient skull found in Tulum cenote.

10,000-year-old human remains found in underwater cave in Mexico shed light on ancient migrations

In May last year, archaeologists made the exciting announcement that a complete Ice Age skeleton had been found in an underwater cave in Tulum, Mexico. Since then, more than eight well-preserved...
Tulum, the coastal paradise city of the Maya

Tulum: Maya City of the Dawning Sun, a Caribbean Paradise

Eighty miles south of Cancun in Mexico, stands the ruins of an ancient Mayan city called Tulum. Built atop a 12-meter (40-foot) cliff rising abruptly from the Caribbean waters, this place is...