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Treasure Trove

12th century Crusader sword and a part of the scabbard found in a geothermal pipe trench, Salo, Finland.   Source: Riikka Saarinen / Turku Museum Center/University of Turku

12th Century Crusader Sword Sheds Light on Christianity in Finland

In the southwestern town of Salo in Finland, a fabulous discovery has emerged, with the potential to reshape experts' understanding of the history of Christianity in Finland. A landowner in Finland,...
UK Government Redefines the Meaning of “Treasure”

UK Government Redefines the Meaning of “Treasure”

The British government is going to update its UK treasure laws in the face of increasing discoveries made by metal detectorists. The UK government has announced plans to update the official...
Virtual rendition of the painting of the leopard face found on the ancient Egyptian sarcophagus.         Source: University of Milan

Rare Masterpiece Uncovered on Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus

An Italian-Egyptian team have reconstructed a masterpiece of ancient Egyptian art. They have been able to virtually recreate the face of a leopard that was found on a sarcophagus lid in a necropolis...
Bali gold ornaments found at Pangkung Paruk.         Source:  A. Calo / Antiquity Publications Ltd

Bali Gold Hoard Reveals Untold Links With Roman Empire

Archaeologists excavating in Bali have presented the largest collection of Roman gold-glass beads ever discovered in early Southeast Asia, which proves the existence of an ancient trade route where...
Left: bird’s eye view shot of the excavation site, and right: Minoan treasure / gold ring unearthed at site.        Source: Greece Ministry of Culture and Sports

New Minoan Hoard Proves Snails Were Lucrative

Archaeologists working on an uninhabited island off Crete have made a series of amazing discoveries. They have uncovered a Minoan treasure trove linked to the production of a prized purple dye in...