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Thomas Becket

The Tower of London has a haunted history. Source: rpbmedia / Adobe Stock.

The Tower of London’s Haunted History (Video)

The Tower of London , a storied monument, holds a dark history that continues to haunt its walls. From its origins as a fortress by William the Conqueror to a prison and even a zoo, the Tower's past...
The ruins of Reading Abbey and Forbury Park in 2020. (Marie / Adobe Stock)

Restoring The Ruins Of Reading Abbey, Resting Place Of Kings

Reading Abbey was once one of the largest monastic complexes in the British Isles. It was one of the pinnacles of religious life in England and the burial place of King Henry I . Located on a pilgrim...
The abbey gateway at the now ruined Reading Abbey in a Paul Sandby oil painting from 1808. Source: Public domain

Reading Abbey: Ruins Are A Reminder of Medieval Religious Strife

Reading Abbey was erected in 1121 in the town of Reading within in the county of Berkshire, England. It was a royal monastery established by King Henry I to pay homage to his ancestors and his...
This is a CGI reconstruction of Thomas Beckets shrine.           Source: Dr John Jenkins / Taylor & Francis Group

Thomas Becket’s Sacred Healing Shrine Digitally Reconstructed

800 years to the day since the body of England ’ s legendary Saint Thomas Becket was moved to Canterbury Cathedral in Kent, in southeast England, this mysterious and deeply sacred building has been...
Left: representation of an alpine glacier. (ryszard filipowicz / Adobe stock). Right: 19th-century depiction of St Thomas Becket, showing a sword piercing his head. St Peter’s Church, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK. (Cnbrb / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Alpine Glacier Reveals Unlikely Insights Into Murder of Thomas Becket

Laser scans of an alpine glacier reveal a climate catastrophe in the shadow of England’s Archbishop Thomas Becket’s murder. A team of researchers using lasers to read the levels of lead pollution in...
13th-century depiction of Henry II and his legitimate children: William, Henry, Richard, Matilda, Geoffrey, Eleanor, Joan and John.

King Henry II Brought Law and Order to His Kingdom But His Rebellious Family Was A Different Matter

King Henry II of England ruled in the 12th century from Ireland to the Pyrenees, was warlike, given to anger, and was educated in law and languages. He was the first king of the Plantagenet dynasty...