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This clay tablet, part of the Louvre Museum collection, covered in an ancient language is actually one of the few known Linear Elamite texts, which a research team has claimed to have deciphered almost completely. Source: Zunkir / CC BY-SA 4.0

Iranian 4,000-Year-Old Ancient Language Decoded But Questions Remain

Linguistics experts have been trying to decipher and translate an enigmatic type of ancient language known as Linear Elamite for more than 100 years. This writing system was used by people who lived...
Dead Sea Scrolls sold

Dead Sea Scrolls Being Sold off to Private Buyers

A family who owns pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls has been causing uproar amongst archaeologists and academics for selling off postage stamp sized fragments of the ancient documents to private buyers...
Decoding Mayan Glyphs

How Internet helps to decode Mayan scripts

The Mayan civilization was an advanced Mesoamerica civilization which developed art, agriculture, written language as well as mathematical and astronomical systems. People know the Maya mainly from...