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Do you have any suggestions for the site or are you experiencing any technical problems? Here is the place to ask.

Site overload


Since a few weeks(or months) AO has been was too overloaded with adds and scripts .. to the point where the Browser cant keep up. I dont come here so often as before(like every day) because everytime i do I need to restart my Browser to clean the memory, otherwise it slows down to a crawl.


You should do something about that. The site needs to load faster and use way less resources.


How do I submit an article.

I think I saw a cryptid once and would like to write an article about it. Are we allowed to write personal experience or are all the articles scholarly? I don’t want to get myself in trouble right away. I need to know word parameters, can we use hyperlinks, in other words, do you have a writer’s guideline?  Thanks for any information. 


problem reading oa on my notepad

Whenever I open an article to read, after the first page, when I click on "More" i get flipped back to the Contents list that starts with "News & Articles" instead of going to the full length article.

This did not happen previously, and is interfering with my "daily fix."

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?