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Aggressive moderation needed

Lately the forum has come under assault from spam, incoherence, and comments which could be called idiotic without sacrificing kindness.  It would be nice to see more diligence from the moderators.

Thank you Rizzman for your

Thank you Rizzman for your feedback. We agree that lately there is a need for more moderation! We have recently hired a new staff member who will begin moderation soon! Sorry about that.


Thanks AO, I’m glad to hear it, and I can’t wait to see the new forum sniper in action.

Sorry, I try to keep up but

Sorry, I try to keep up but sometimes I have to tend to family obligations too, meanwhile people can just keep posting away. 


love, light and blessings


I have been going through the

I have been going through the forums quite a bit today thought and I haven’t seen anything that’s newly posted….is this happening in a specific area or all over the place?


love, light and blessings


Hi Angie! The best way to do

Hi Angie! The best way to do it, is to go to the Read More option of the Recent comments block (on the right column) where you can see everything posted. Usually I also check every 4 hours or so.and delete all spam. For some reason the antispam engine is missing a few of spam comments the last few days. And if you think that we have about 900 per day, it is doing a pretty good job anyway!



If you guys need some low-wage(read: free) help, sign me up. 

Great Tsurugi! I will arrange

Great Tsurugi! I will arrange to give you moderator permissions in the next few days. What we can do is to give you 60 points per month for your help!


Today I checked the

Today I checked the statistics page of our spam blocking system and I realized that instead of 1,000 spam comments that we used to have we now have 34,000!!! That’s the reason for the increased undetected spams. So missing out only 10 spam messages per day is a big achievement.


Laws of Nature

Caesar:”You will have to forgive the man Mercutio; he is a barbarian who thinks the customs of his tribe are the laws of Nature.” Artifacts sometimes offend sensibilities.

The photos of the Varna grave do not show the infamous “penis sheath”. The reason it was there is that the owner was not a man. Until recent times at least, Balkan hill tribes had transvestite chiefs. Nobody would assassinate a woman in a blood feud, nor would one use that as an excuse to expand a harem.

We mite infer this as well noting the axe handle is way too thin to be a weapon. Its a magic wand, and the gold spears in the grave are not heavy enuf to be weapons, but may do for fish. Varna was in the fishing business- not a line requiring mighty warriors.


Pray to Gaia; women listen better.

anti aging creams?

What’s with the advertisements? anti aging creams and other stuff…… Really these people think by disrupting a wonderful site like this that anyone on here would actually pay attemtion to their nonsense….. How do we keep them out so as to focus on topics?


Nisa Carroll Burkay

Hi Nisa, 

Hi Nisa, 

We have partnered with several companies to serve online advertisements in our articles and sidebar. These advertisements help cover the costs associated with achieving our goals. 

Occasionally this companies place ads that we do not like and do not wish to have on our website. When this comes to our attention, we contact the advertisers to remove those particular ads. 

Our goal is to develop other methods of income generation in order to greatly reduce the ads that appear on our site, and we are currently working towards this goal. 


April Holloway


Spam or advertising?


I pretty certain Nisa was referring to advertisements posted in the forum under their own topics (by registered users), or randomly throughout other threads.  Are these spam, or part of the revenue stream you mentioned?

I understand

No problem I understand the need for funding to continue and I often look at the ads as well. It just seemed I was getting “content” notifications every day for the aging cream. Seems that it should not be included in  the ”content” notifications where I am looking for your usual amazing information. Truly love you guys.

Nisa Carroll Burkay

Sorry about that! You shouldn

Sorry about that! You shouldn’t receive any kind of ‘content notifications’ about an aging cream unless it is a spam – or we are hacked! Can you please send me this notification to have a look if it is from our system or from a spammer? ( I have emailed you).


Hi Nisa. We found what

Hi Nisa. We found what happened! The last week 10 spammers managed to create accounts and posted spam forum topics. I have deleted their accounts and all comments! Thank you very much for noticing that. If this happen again please email me directly!