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step pyramid

Headless Bronze Statue found in Egyptian tomb. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Smithsonian Channel.

Headless Bronze Statue Connected to Saqqara Pyramid (Video)

This significant discovery illuminates the glorious era of ancient Egypt when they erected some of the world's most iconic structures. The uncovered bronze statue near Pinomis’s tomb in Egypt’s...
The Djoser step pyramid. Source: Pavle / Adobe Stock.

The Djoser Step Pyramid: Architectural Marvel of Egypt (Video)

The Djoser Step Pyramid, the oldest pyramid in the world, stands as a testament to the brilliance of ancient Egyptian civilization. Built for King Djoser over 4,700 years ago, its unique staircase-...
Aerial view of the Shimao archaeological site. (dfdaily) Insert: A pit of skulls unearthed at Shimao. (Zhouyong Sun et al. 2017)

Pits of Skulls Found in Shimao: China’s Neolithic City of Mystery

Shimao is an ancient Chinese city that was lost for a long time. But in recent years it has yielded many of its secrets to archaeologists. Among the most astonishing finds are a step-pyramid and...
Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara now open

The Magnificent Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara – Now Open!

The Great Pyramid of Khufu in Giza is arguably the most famous of all pyramids in Egypt, or in the world for that matter. Yet, this was not the first pyramid that was built by the ancient Egyptians...
The hidden pyramid for Pharaoh Userkare may be in Saqqara, home to Djoser’s famous step pyramid. Source: Juan Aunión /Adobe Stock

An Astonishing Revelation in Saqqara – A Hidden Pyramid!

An archaeologist with 30 years of experience working in Egypt has made an astonishing announcement. He believes that he has found evidence that there are traces of a hidden pyramid buried beneath the...
Images of the step pyramid.

A Shift in the Birthplace of Chinese Civilization? Pyramid Structure Emerges in Buried Bronze Age City

A recent discovery at a ruined city in north-west China has amazed archaeologists and other experts. Researchers at the Bronze Age archaeological site of Shimao have identified a large step pyramid...
The newly identified tomb of Khaba.

Egyptologists Unearth Tomb of Long Lost Pharaoh so Ancient Only His Name is Known

Many people think of ancient Egyptian dynasties as fairly well-documented, but there were many kings whose lives and deeds are lost in the dust of time . One was King KhaBa of the Old Kingdom’s Third...
Painting considered masterpiece of ancient Egypt

Painting considered masterpiece of ancient Egypt may be an 1870s fake

A painting that was considered a masterpiece of ancient Egyptian art may have been faked in the 1870s by an archaeologist excavating the pharaonic family tomb in which the painting was found. Live...
Pyramid discovered at Edfu in Egypt

4,600-year-old step pyramid uncovered in Egypt and its purpose is a mystery

In an incredible new discovery in Edfu, southern Egypt, archaeologists have uncovered a step pyramid that they believe dates back 4,600 years. The pyramid has no internal chambers and was not...