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standing stone

The two shorter stones. Source: Paul Allison / CC BY-SA 2.0.

The Enigmatic Devil's Arrows: The Tallest Standing Stones in Britain

In the heart of Yorkshire in northern England, near the town of Aldborough, lie three huge pillars of stone known as the Devil's Arrows. Originally four, these are the tallest collection of standing...
Stonehenge and surrounding earthworks.

Natural Harmony: How did the Stonehenge Druids Measure the Landscape?

What were the Proto-Druids up to at Stonehenge? Advances in GPS technology and other sophisticated mapping software allow their prehistoric surveying activities to be investigated in ways that were...
After a ten year run of bad luck, an Irish farmer was advised by University College Cork to contact druids to perform a ceremony. Source: heywoody / Adobe Stock

Cursed Irish Farmer Calls in The Druids

A Cork farmer has employed the services of druids to end his decade of bad luck after a bull damaged an ancient standing stone on his land. The Irish farmer, Donal Bohane, owns a 30-acre (12.1 ha.)...
British archaeoastronomer claims that the Blidworth Druid Stone “might” have been deliberately aligned with the sun, and that it “may” have been a central feature in ancient druid rituals. But more archaeological study is needed before reaching any conclusions. Source: Deborah McDonald / CC BY-SA 2.0

Blidworth Druid Stone: Sacred Altar or Lifeless Rock?

Referred to locally as the “Druid Stone” or “Altar Stone,” this monumental stone stands about 4 meters (13 feet) high on private land in the village of Blidworth, England, and is viewable from a...
The entrance to Bant’s Carn             Source: Stringer, J / CC BY-NC 2.0

The Extraordinary and Ancient Entrance Grave of Bant’s Carn

The five inhabited islands of the Scilly Isles, an archipelago located off the south-west coast of England, is popular with visitors because of the warm climate and beautiful beaches. There are,...
The Historic Limestone Landscape of Stora Alvaret

The Historic Limestone Landscape of Stora Alvaret

Stora Alvaret, on the Swedish island of Öland, is an area of great natural beauty with a unique ecology. The many important archaeological sites on the island which date to the Bronze Age has made...
The Pictish stone was reused as a horizonal grave slab in the 1790s - hence the inscription in the corner. Source: NOSAS

‘Once-in-a-Lifetime’ Pictish Stone Discovered In Scotland

The rare discovery of a Pictish symbol stone has been uncovered deep in the Scottish Highlands, and it is truly marvelous. 1,200 years old and originally standing more than two meters (6.56 ft.) high...
Li’s gravestones at Fjärås Bräcka

Li’s Gravestones: Raised in Memory of the Long Forgotten Dead

Standing stones - monuments from long-vanished prehistoric societies - can be seen throughout the world. One of the most remarkable sets of standing stones in Northern Europe is situated on a gravel...
The Weird Wolds of Yorkshire: Inside the Mysterious Wold Newton Triangle

The Weird Wolds of Yorkshire: Inside the Mysterious Wold Newton Triangle

‘Fold upon fold of the encircling hills, piled rich and golden,’ is how the writer (best known for her posthumous 1936 novel South Riding ) Winifred Holtby, described England’s Yorkshire Wolds...
Stone worked in the shape of vulvas (top) and penises from neolithic cult sites in the Eilat Mountains

8,000-year-old fertility stone works found in Israel linked to ancestor cult

About 8,000 years ago, Stone Age people built a large number of what seem to be ancestor and fertility cult sites in the Negev Desert in Israel. A new archaeological survey of 95 sites has turned up...