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Traditional soap-making factory in Palestine. Source: Meysam Mah’abadi / CC by SA 4.0.

How Ancient Palestinian Soap Is Made (Video)

In the heart of Nablus, Palestine , Ahmed Darwish el Fakhouri continues a time-honored tradition passed down through three generations in his family. At his soap-making factory , he spends his days...
Medieval man cleaning his hands. Source: AI Generated.

Grimy No More: How Medieval Folk Kept Clean (Video)

In medieval times , hand cleanliness was essential after a day of manual labor. While wiping hands on the ground was a common practice, water was the primary cleansing agent. However, water alone...
Roman bathhouse. Source: 4K_Heaven / Adobe Stock.

Keeping it Clean: A Look at Ancient Hygiene Practices (Video)

From the Sumerians and Egyptians to the Victorians and beyond, humans have been striving to keep their surroundings clean since they first settled down and built permanent homes. Before civilization...
Hygiene has evolved over the years, but we’ve been taking showers for centuries. Women bathing in a public gymnasium; Gouache painting based on an ancient Greek vase. Source: Wellcome Collection / Public Domain

Hygiene Through History: How Filthy Were Our Ancient Ancestors?

People in the past have a reputation for being dirty and unhygienic, but is this true? While many aspects of personal hygiene have evolved over the centuries, others have remained surprisingly...
Body odor has been around for as long as we have been and early on civilizations from Egypt to Greece and Europe developed things to keep us smelling clean. Source: Andrey Popov / Adobe Stock

What’s That Smell? Body Odor Through the Ages!

Consider your home bathroom: you probably have a lot of toiletries in there, such as soap, deodorant, and perfume. In today’s age, these items are associated with cleanliness and health. But were...