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Artistic recreation of the use of Mesolithic baskets by a group of hunter-gatherers in the Cueva de los Murciélagos de Albuñol. (Moisés Belilty Molinos / CC BY ND) Insert: A pair of sandals discovered in the cave. (Martínez Sevilla, F. et al. / Science Advances)

6,200-Year-Old Sandals Found in Spanish Cave are Europe’s Oldest Shoes

Scientists claim to have found Europe’s oldest shoes in a bat cave in Spain’s Andalusia - sandals woven from esparto grass that date back some 6,200 years. These were part of a large haul of objects...
Possible hominin tracks with footwear in the Garden Route National Park, South Africa. Source: Charles Helm/The Conversation

Tracks on a South African Beach Offer Oldest Evidence Yet of Human Footwear

Charles Helm /The Conversation When and where did our ancestors first fashion footwear? We cannot look to physical evidence of shoes for the answer, as the perishable materials from which they were...
The Iron Age child’s shoe found in an Austian salt mine. Source: Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum

2000-Year-Old Child’s Leather Shoe Found in Austrian Salt Mine

This is not the first time German archaeologists have recovered well-preserved shoes from the Dürrnberg salt mine in Austria. However, what is a first, is the remarkable discovery of a child’s shoe,...
Traditional snowshoes. Source: debspoons / Adobe Stock.

Wisdom in Every Step: Tracing the History of Snowshoes (Video)

Bill Mackowski, a snowshoe craftsman and collector, has assembled an extraordinary collection of over 200 pairs. These snowshoes, each with a unique tale, hold cultural and practical significance...
The Bronze Age shoe, in situ where it was found on the river edge in Kent, England.    Source: Steve Tomlinson

Mudlarker Finds Bronze Age Shoe on a UK Riverbank Dated 2,800 Years Old!

A man exploring along a riverbank in northern Kent recently discovered the oldest shoe ever found on United Kingdom soil. Carbon dating tests proved the decayed but still recognizable leather...
2,000-Year-Old Shoe Unearthed in German Bog

2,000-Year-Old Shoe Unearthed in German Bog

Bogs have been home to some of the weirdest items and artifacts, some that were buried or stored intentionally, and others that were inadvertently lost in the mud. The archaeological record is full...
The Medieval skeleton was found still in its boots

Mystery Man in High Leather Boots: How Did His Medieval Skeleton End Up in London’s River Thames?

Archaeologists working at London’s 'super sewer' in Bermondsey have recovered the skeletal remains of a man, wearing high leather boots, lying face-down in the silt of the River Thames. Much about...
5500-year-old shoe in hand of researcher

The Everlasting Shoe: What Does This 5,500-Year-old Shoe Found in a Cave Tell Us About Ancient Armenians?

As any archaeologist knows, very few things other than stone last for a long time. In a moist, warm climate, most organic material such as hemp, cloth, wood, and leather will decay, leaving nothing...
Adidas of Ancient Rome: Ancient Fashion Unveiled with Discovery of Roman Shoe Hoard

Adidas of Ancient Rome: Ancient Fashion Unveiled with Discovery of Roman Shoe Hoard

A team of archeologists has discovered more than 400 ancient Roman shoes in the Vindolanda fort in Northumberland, England, including some that resemble modern-day shoe styles. The site, located just...
This 300-year-old shoe was discovered behind a wall at St John's College and is thought to have been an amulet meant to ward off evil. (St. John’s College photo)

300-Year-Old Shoe Behind Wall of English College Was Meant As Protection From Malicious Spirits

Workers discovered a shoe this month behind a wall at a Cambridge University college in England that was probably meant to protect inhabitants of the building from mischievous or malicious spirits...