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Artifact found inside an ancient tomb. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Crazy Histories.

Most Shocking Things Found Inside Ancient Tombs (Video)

Ancient tombs hold astonishing relics that challenge our understanding of history. Egyptian tombs, like that of Pharaoh Khufu, contained remarkable ships , constructed without a single nail. These...
Men Playing Board Games in Alegria (1890 – 1900) (Public Domain)

Ancient Board Games Simulating War Strategies And Predicting Afterlife

Board games provide humanity with entertainment, distraction and exercise for the mind whether they are played on the ground, on the floor or on wooden boards. They have formed such a large part of...
Top 15 interesting facts about ancient Egypt.            Source: Maurizio / Adobe stock

Top 15 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt That You May Not Know

One of the greatest civilizations in our history belonged to the ancient Egyptians. It flourished in the fertile valleys of the world’s longest river - the Nile, where a magnificent civilization rose...
IMAGE Upload an image to go with this article. Show row weights FILE INFORMATION	OPERATIONS   Image icon Egyptian-Game-of-death.jpg (113.35 KB) Alternate text Depiction of an ancient Egyptian queen playing senet (‘game of death’) from Nefertari's burial chamber, wife of Ramses II.      Source: Public domain This text will be used by screen readers, search engines, or when the image cannot be loaded.   Image icon game-of-death.jpg (100.58 KB) Alternate text This text will be used by screen readers, search en

Enigmatic Evolution of Ancient Egypt’s ‘Game of Death’ Revealed

An ancient Egyptian board game that was similar to Ludo or backgammon is offering new insights into ancient religious beliefs. It was not only a game, but it was seen as a way for the dead to...
Fun for Everyone: The Evolving History of Board Games

Fun for Everyone: The Evolving History of Board Games

The delightful hobby of playing games isn't a modern invention. While people in ancient times didn't have Pokemon Go to entertain themselves, they still spent hours of fun games both inside and...