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Two of the Roman seals discovered at the site of Doliche in Turkey. Source: Forschungsstelle Asia Minor

Roman Seals Showing Hundreds of Gods Unearthed in Turkey

Previous teams of archaeologists excavating in the former Roman city archive of Doliche, Turkey, discovered hoards of clay stamps used to seal official Roman documents. Now, another 2,000 of these...
Mesopotamian cylinder seal. Source: Met Museum / Public Domain.

How Akkadian Cylinder Seals Served As Ancient Signatures (Video)

Akkadian cylinder seals emerged during the fourth millennium BC, coinciding with the dawn of writing. These unique artifacts served dual purposes: safeguarding against unauthorized access to storage...
Just 2 centimeters in length, the Patrice, a Pre-Viking stamp, is believed to be a representation of a former royal power in Falster. Source: Lolland Falster Museum

Ancient Stamp Found at Pre-Viking Site in Denmark May Point to a Powerful King and Power Center

In Falster, southeast Denmark, a metal detector enthusiast has stumbled upon a “very rare find”, which could potentially change Danish history! A faint beep on his machine revealed a special Pre-...
The rare St George seal, a matrix seal, found during the Villers-Cotterêts medieval castle restoration project last year.		Source: Serge Le Maho / Inrap

Unique St George Seal Found in Castle Ruins in Northern France

In 2020 the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) in France’s northernmost region, Hauts-de-France, requested that the country’s National Monuments Center (CMN) begin renovation of an...
The amethyst seal found in a Jerusalem sewer may be the first artifact ever to depict the Biblical persimmon plant.     Source: Eliyahu Yanai / City of David

Unique Biblical “Persimmon” Amethyst Seal Discovered In Jerusalem Sewer

A rare lilac-colored amethyst seal has been discovered in an ancient sewer beneath Jerusalem. Depicting a bird holding a plant branch with five fruits with its feet, the engraved amethyst seal...
Israel’s Oldest Royal Seal With Writing Was Bought For A Steal

Israel’s Oldest Royal Seal With Writing Was Bought For A Steal

A professor who bought a 2,300-year-old Iron Age royal seal, only paid a handful of shekels for something beyond value. About forty years ago Professor Yigal Ronen from the Ben-Gurion University of...
Mesopotamian seals and cuneiform tablets found in Marad, Iraq.      Source: Universita di Pisa

Cuneiform Tablets and ‘Envelopes’ Tell of Mesopotamian Sophistication

A team of Italian and Iraqi archaeologists has unearthed hundreds of cuneiform tablets in central Iraq. They also uncovered some clay coverings and seals with the tablets. The collection of cuneiform...
Sealings from the archive of Doliche.

Discovery of 1,000 Sealings Reveals an Ancient City’s Devotion to the Graeco-Roman Pantheon

Classical scholars from the Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics" of the University of Münster discovered a large number of sealings in south-east Turkey. "This unique group of artifacts...
Art Relics Shed Light on Mysterious Ancient Civilization

Art Relics Shed Light on Mysterious Ancient Civilization

A society still silent and secreted beneath the earth of the Himalayas, the earliest civilization associated with Hindu/Indian art history is the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC). This society is...
New Information Comes to Light on a Unique Mycenaean Tholos Tomb

New Information Comes to Light on a Unique Mycenaean Tholos Tomb

Preliminary results have been provided on a Mycenaean tholos tomb discovered in 2014 on the slope of the Amblianos hill near Amphissa on the Greek mainland. The tomb is considered a special find in...
Seals and Amulets in Turkey

More than 600 Ancient Seals and Amulets Found

Archaeologists have uncovered an unusually large quantity of amulets, stamp seals and cylinder seals in an ancient sanctuary in Turkey, which date back from the 7 th to the 4 th centuries BC. The...