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Composite image combining stereoscopic image of Eton College with portrait of King Henry VI. Source: Public domain and Public domain

In Ironic Twist of Fate, Elitist Eton Was Founded to Educate the Poor

When Eton says their school has history, they’re really not kidding. The famed £46k per year boys boarding school is a British brand synonymous with elitism, even though the school was originally...
The history of childhood and education in Western civilization has evolved significantly over the last 2000 years, from no education to child labor to formal schools, how exactly did it all change?     Pictured: Top left: The School of Athens, a famous fresco by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael, with Plato and Aristotle as the central figures in the scene (Jorge Valenzuela A / CC BY-SA 3.0).         Bottom left: Group of child labor boys during the Industrial Revolution (Lewis Hine / Public domain).

“We Don't Need No Education!” – The History of Childhood

Over the last two millennia of Western civilization, the concept of ‘childhood’ has significantly evolved from one of a family-oriented perspective to that of the child-centered universe. Those of us...
Representation of a mystery school. Source: leks_052 / Adobe stock

Initiation to Secrecy: Unravelling the Truth Behind Mystery Schools

As the great Irish esotericist John Heron Lepper wrote, one could say that the existence of secret or closed societies [namely mystery schools] – in which certain teachings or practices are passed on...
Collection of Egyptian Art, design by Anand Balaji

Ostraca: Voices from the Place of Truth—An intimate glimpse into New Kingdom Egypt

Athenians meted out harsh punishments to those who fell afoul of prevalent laws or societal norms. If citizens had done something terrible, they ran the risk of being exiled from the city for up to...
The School of Athens, fresco by Raphael (1509–1510), of an idealized Academy.

Caves in Paradise: The Elite School of Aristotle

Thirty kilometers (18.6 miles) from Vergina, a place where the tomb of Philip II is located, there is a city called Naoussa. Naoussa was a place where nymphs were worshiped for centuries, and the...
The skeleton of a man believed to have been in his fifties was discovered near a gibbet used to execute criminals.

600-Year-Old Skeleton found beneath Edinburgh School Playground thought to be Executed Pirate

Archaeologists have completed analyses on a 600-year-old skeleton found last year beneath a primary school playground in Edinburgh, Scotland, and believe it is the remains of a pirate or other...
Gladiator School

Gladiator School Discovery Reveals Hard Lives of Ancient Warriors

Archaeologists have revealed the almost complete remains of a Roman school of gladiators on the banks of the Danube in Austria and have used sophisticated 3D reconstruction techniques to bring to...
Ancient Egyptian School - Etched with words to students

Walls of ancient Egyptian school etched with words of encouragement for the students

Archaeologists have revealed the words written by a teacher for his students, etched on the wall of a school classroom in ancient Egypt nearly two millennia ago: Be bold, my boys; the great god will...