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Nicola Bizzi, writer, lecturer, columnist and publisher, was born in Stockholm (Sweden) on February 17th, 1972.

He graduated in History at the University of Florence, and he has been studying and researching the ancient mysteries and religious traditions of the Mediterranean area for many years.

He is the founder and owner of Edizioni Aurora Boreale, publishing house for which he is responsible for the Telestérion and The House of Wisdom series, which are about mystery and initiatory studies and for the Politeia series, which deals with political and economic international studies.

He also founded the magazines Aesyr and Novum Imperium , of which he has been editorial director for several years.

He is the dean of the Center for Eleusinian Studies and Mediterranean Cultures Sidera Tau 8, professor at the Eleusinian Mother School in Florence and holder of the chair of Mystery and Traditional Cults at the Free Italian University of Esoteric Studies in Lecce. He is also a member of the Eleusinian Mother Order, of the Traditional Italian Masonic Order and of the Sacred Ecumenical Templar Equestrian Order.

He is the author of many essays on historical and esoteric subjects.

In the past years, he has edited many television and radio broadcasts about the Western Tradition and the mysteries of ancient civilizations. He also collaborates with several websites and Youtube channels, including LiberaMente, Signoraggio, Forme d’Onda , Russia News and Anubi Radio , and with many magazines, including Archeomisteri, Nexus, Iside, Sator Magazine and Anubi Magazine .

He lives in Florence, Italy.

For further information, you can contact Nicola Bizzi by e-mail:

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