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Baroque man looking very surprised at royal scandals. Source: ajr_images/Adobe Stock

Top 10 Royal Scandals That Left Society Aghast

Throughout history, royal families were often the image of the nations they ruled over. They were expected to conduct themselves with grace and dignity, to be shrewd and capable monarchs, and to lead...
The Mary, Queen of Scots casket was purchased by the Scottish government in 2022 and is now on display.

The Beautiful Casket that Killed Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary I of Scotland, or Mary, Queen of Scots is one of the most iconic monarchs in British history. She had an incredible impact on both Scottish and English history, and her life was one of tragedy,...
More “Anti-Ten Commandment” Theft at the Museum of the Bible

More “Anti-Ten Commandment” Theft at the Museum of the Bible

The United States Department of Justice has ordered the forfeiture of a rare cuneiform tablet, seized from Hobby Lobby’s controversial Museum of the Bible back in 2019. The 3,000-year-old...
Could Dhaka Muslin be coming back?

Scandalous Fashion: The Naked Appeal of Dhaka Muslin

Dhaka Muslin is a precious fabric that gained popularity around 200 years ago, but its roots go back much further. In the late 18 th century, Dhaka muslin became a new fashion and gained both...
It is alleged that biblical artifacts have been bought by Hobby Lobby for the Museum of the Bible shown here. Source: CC BY-SA 4.0

Oxford Professor Embroiled In Biblical Artifacts Scandal

An Oxford University professor stands accused of illegally selling rare ancient Bible fragments to a controversial religious US company. Dirk Obbink was one of the world’s most celebrated classics...
Some Saxon Queens had killer reputations. (Public Domain);Deriv.

The Wicked Queen and Her Scandalous Daughter: How Murder & Mayhem Took a Saxon Princess from Palace to Poverty

While we might be gripped by the intrigues, the machinations, and the violence of the Lannisters and the Starks in the Game of Thrones television series and the Song of Ice and Fire series of novels...
Medieval-themed illustration of a young woman; representative image only

Putting the Sex Back in Wessex: The Scandalous Reign of Queen Elgiva & Her Clash with a Demon-Fighting Bishop

The Queens of England (as in the consorts of Kings) during the early Medieval periods of English history rarely receive any coverage in the history books. Hands up anyone who can name the wife of...
The palaestra of Olympia, a place devoted to the training of wrestlers and other athletes  and Boxer resting after contest (bronze sculpture, BCE 300–200).

Since Ancient Greece, the Olympics and Bribery Have Gone Hand in Hand

As a professor of classical studies, I’ve noticed some remarkable differences and similarities between the modern and ancient Olympic Games . The medals, the torch relay and events for females didn’t...
Royal Scandal in the Court of The Queen of Denmark-Norway

Royal Scandal in the Court of The Queen of Denmark-Norway

During the latter half of the 18 th century, Denmark-Norway was ruled by a king by the name of Christian VII. His wife was Caroline Matilda of Great Britain. Christian’s reign, which lasted from 1788...