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Sasanian Empire

Deriv; Sassanid-era Cataphract Reenactor, and The Battle of Hormozdgan, April 28, 224 CE.

The House of Arsacid Falls to the House of Sasan: A Challenge, and Military Might – Part II

Ardashir proclaimed himself king of Persis by 208 CE. His brothers protested this and Ardashir disposed of them. If his brother challenges were not enough, many local petty kings of Persis refused to...
Emperor Caracalla, and Cataphracts circa 101 AD.

The House of Arsacid Falls to the House of Sasan: It Started with a Wedding – Part I

Incredibly, the end of the Parthian Empire started with a fake wedding. Before the wedding took place, a civil war had been raging in Parthia between Vologases VI and his brother Artabanus V. After...
The ruins and crater at Takht-e-Soleyman Throne of Soloman, Iran. 2006.

The Ancient Site of Takht-e Soleyman: Iran’s Throne of King Solomon

Between the 3 rd and 7 th centuries AD, the country now named Iran was part of the Sasanian Empire, Rome’s great rival in the East. Under this empire, Zoroastrianism was recognised as the state...