Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Temple of Heaven and Its Sacrificial Altar Where Blood Was Spilt for Bountiful Harvests

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing dates back almost 600 years, to a time when Chinese emperors sacrificed animals to the gods on the temple’s altars to atone and beseech them to bestow bountiful...
Rare Iron Age chariot with horses.

Headless Horses Galloping from the Grave Unearthed in UK Chariot Burial

British archaeologists have made an amazing discovery according to local media reports. Experts have unearthed a particularly interesting Iron Age chariot burial in northern Britain. This particular...
Ancient Moche tomb artifacts

Archaeologists uncover ancient Moche tomb along with stunning and unique artifacts

Archaeologists in Peru have discovered the tomb of an elite Mochica ruler at the Huaca de la Luna archaeological complex, an ancient temple located in what is now the city of Trujillo on the north...