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Roman Forum

"Certosa di Pavia - Medallion at the base of the facade". The Latin inscription tells that these are Romulus and Remus.           Source: Public Domain

The Seven Legendary Kings Who Built Rome (Video)

The era of Rome's seven kings , spanning from approximately 753 BC to 509 BC, marks a critical period in the city's history. Romulus , the legendary founder, is said to have established Rome's...
The Assassination of Julius Caesar by William Holmes Sullivan (1888) (Public Domain)

Ecce Homo - The Julius Caesar Murder Mystery

Julius Caesar’s assassination is the best-documented account of any murder committed in the ancient world, and the Ides of March, the day of his murder, is the only day in Roman antiquity that can be...
Roberto the Roman welcoming the traveler to bustling Rome(Massimo Todaro /Adobe Stock)

Strolling Through Augustan Rome With Roberto The Roman

Like many ancient cities, and some modern, Augustan Rome was a combination of public magnificence and private squalor. There were the temples, the aqueducts, the basilicas, and other grandiose public...
Main: Roman Forum (Ivan Kurmyshov / Adobe Stock). Inset: Statue of Romulus and Remus in Rome (pict rider / Adobe Stock)

Tomb of Romulus, King Raised by a Wolf, Possibly Found in Roman Forum!

Archaeologists have unearthed a tomb beneath the Roman Forum that they think might be the resting place of the legendary Romulus, founder of Rome . In Roman mythology, Romulus and his twin brother...
Rome - Forum

Discovery of ancient ruins reveals Rome is older than previously believed

Archaeologists have found the remains of an ancient wall during excavations inside the Roman Forum, which has been dated to 900 BC – suggesting that the ancient city is two centuries older than...