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Remote Sensing Technology Uncovers 66 “Hidden” Roman Bases In Spain

Remote Sensing Technology Uncovers 66 “Hidden” Roman Bases In Spain

Utilizing advanced aerial imaging and state-of-the-art remote sensing techniques, a team of historical and archaeological researchers have been able to chart the location of 66 previously...
Do the rainbows over Machu Picchu end in the long-lost “pot of gold” that is Paititi, the last city of the Incas.              Source: Photography by KO / Adobe Stock

Locating Legendary Paititi: Long-Lost Last City Of The Inca

A nearly five-hundred-year-old secret lies deep within the Peruvian Andes . The desire to know this secret impassioned the hearts and minds of many explorers from all different time periods and...
The ancient city of Gerasa with the modern city in the background.

Old Maps and Hi-Tech Scans Reveal A Lost City’s Watery Past at Jerash Jordan

Comparing high definition photography and state-of-the-art airborne laser scans with clues from ancient artifacts, archaeologists in Jordan have reconstructed the ancient waterways of a hidden urban...
Suleiman the Magnificent

Long-Lost Tomb Belonging to Suleiman the Magnificent Believed to be Found

When Suleiman the Magnificent died —once one of the most powerful and longest-reigning rulers of the Ottoman Empire— it is said his heart and body were separated and buried in two secret locations...