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Shannon Powelson is a student at Johns Hopkins University studying chemical and biomolecular engineering and entrepreneurship and management. She is interested in engineering applied to a variety of fields. When not studying, researching, or participating in clubs and internships, Shannon enjoys many outdoor sports such as surfing, biking, and hiking. Shannon has always been drawn to archaeology because of its ability to uncover ancient secrets and make the past come to life. While studying archaeology in college, Shannon learned about and eventually joined Paititi Research, a team that uses written resources, geospatial engineering, and expeditions to search for archaeological sites in South America. Their main goal is to find Paititi, a lost Inca or Chachapoya city. This would be a great contribution to cultural heritage research. Shannon finds this project captivating because it combines engineering, archaeology, cultural knowledge, remote sensing, and exploration. Shannon is involved in many different subject areas in college. She has studied and participated in clubs or internships related to marketing, consulting, chemical engineering, archaeology, and agriculture. Shannon is a course assistant for a Johns Hopkins marketing class and also started a business that connects organic waste producers and sustainable manufacturers. Not only does she find it interesting to explore different fields and topics, but it is also helpful when solving problems. She believes that having an interdisciplinary approach is the key to successfully solving a problem. Shannon hopes to continue to combine her passions for engineering, archaeology, and entrepreneurship in the future and get involved in more research projects.


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