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Archaeology aids in our understanding of history. Source: koldunova/Adobe Stock

Uncovering the Past: The Role of Archaeological Research in Reconstructing History

The enormous responsibility of comprehending our past falls to historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists. Our understanding of past civilizations and their contributions to contemporary culture...
Neanderthals cohabited with modern humans in the Negev desert. Source: Kovalenko I / Adobe Stock

Humans and Neanderthals Met and Mated 50,000 Years Ago in Negev Desert

A recent re-examination of artifacts collected from Israel’s central Negev desert has revealed important details about the development of human culture in the region, according to a new study...
Local History Enthusiasts Discover Oldest Medieval Scottish Bridge

Local History Enthusiasts Discover Oldest Medieval Scottish Bridge

A lost medieval bridge, dating back to the 1300s, has been discovered submerged beneath the whiskey-tinted waters of Scotland’s River Teviot. The cities, towns and villages of Middle Age Europe were...
Ancient person eating. Credit: Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock

Pot Residues Reveal Secrets of Ancient Cuisine

A team of archaeologists from the University of California, Berkeley, have published a new research paper in the journal Scientific Reports , which presents evidence that unglazed ancient ceramics...
Scientists Settle Wilson’s Arch Debate Pinpointing Temple Mount Origin

Scientists Settle Wilson’s Arch Debate Pinpointing Temple Mount Origin

Historians and archaeologists have long argued about when exactly “Wilson’s Arch” in Jerusalem was built, with their estimates varying by 700 years. But now, a new cuttng-edge C14 testing method...
6,000-year-old prehistoric pottery from the Sahara Desert, which was subjected to the new dating technique. Source: Emmanuelle Casanova et al. / University of Bristol / Nature

‘Holy Grail’ Dating Technique Sheds New Light on Prehistoric Past

A new archaeological dating technique has been successfully applied to shards of pottery uncovered from a dig in East London’s Shoreditch. The “groundbreaking” new dating technique analyzes fatty...
Radiocarbon dating needs fine-tuning if scientists and archaeologists want a more accurate historical timeline. Source: Elnur /Adobe Stock

Fine-Tuning Radiocarbon Dating Will Rewrite History!

Radiocarbon dating, invented in the late 1940s and improved ever since to provide more precise measurements, is the standard method for determining the dates of artifacts in archaeology and other...
Atop Gunung Padang mountain / pyramid.

That Ancient Indonesian Pyramid Believed to Be 11,000 Years Older Than Göbekli Tepe Has Been “Discovered” Again

Geologists working on the island of Java using radar images have claimed, like many before them, that they have “located a mysterious ancient pyramid deep within a dense forest,” dating back to the...
Neanderthal man at the Natural History Museum London

Refined Analysis Asserts There was No Human-Neanderthal Interaction at Vindija Cave

Researchers have used a more refined screening method in conjunction with radiocarbon dating on a popular collection of Neanderthal remains found at Vindija Cave in Croatia. Their results show that...
Could Frozen Seeds Save the Future? Scientists Bring a 32,000-year-old Seed Back to Life

Could Frozen Seeds Save the Future? Scientists Bring a 32,000-year-old Seed Back to Life

Far away on the remote island of Spitsbergen in the Artic Svalbard archipelago lies humanity’s fail-safe storage of seeds. With the threat of natural and man-made disasters looming in the future, the...
Mountain range vista of the Central Eastern Alps.

Bronze Age Mining in Europe Dates Back Earlier than Previously Thought

Mining in the Alps dates back much further than previously thought -- in the Austrian region of Montafon since the Bronze Age. Thanks to C14 dating, a group of researchers from Goethe University in...
Part of the seventh-century Quran manuscript held by the University of Birmingham.

Dating of manuscripts controversially suggests Quran may be older than Prophet Mohammed

Recent tests conducted on the oldest known pages of the Quran in existence have determined they were written nearly 1,400 years ago, between 568 and 645 AD. Reports raise the possibility that the...