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Ancient amphorae, China. Source: lotusjeremy / Adobe stock

4,000 Years Ago, Chinese Advances Were Fueled By Mass Beer Production!

What were the important forces and factors that led to notable evolutionary leaps in Chinese culture more than 4,000 years ago? New research identifies one major cultural development that helped...
A metal spearhead discovered at Ban Chiang is just one of many metal artifacts that have helped turn traditional theories about Thai metal production on their head.          Source: The Ban Chiang Project/ Penn Museum

Study Contradicts Top-Down Theories on Ancient Thai Metal Production

Archaeometallurgy, the study of metals and their past production and usage by humans, is a fascinating discipline that is a fixture of both archaeological and historical sciences. A groundbreaking...
Child's left-foot sock (British Museum)

Egyptian Tot's Sock Reveals Ancient Clothes Production Secrets

An ancient ‘stripy sock’ discovered in Egypt is informing scientists about how clothes were dyed and made. Evidence of ‘feet coverings’ have been found in the Stone Age when crude animal pelts or...
Drinking from a Viking drinking horn

No One Questions that Vikings Drank; But Did They Make Wine?

Further evidence that the Vikings weren’t just beer-swilling, raping, and pillaging savages comes out of Denmark with the discovery of two grape seeds that may indicate the Norsemen didn’t just drink...
Exhibition showing salt production in Museo do Mar in Vigo, Spain. Source: Natalia Klimczak

Salt: Treasure of the Ancient World and Highly-Valued Currency of the Roman Empire

Salt was one of the greatest treasures of the ancient world. Production facilities dedicated to the mineral provided work for many people, but now most of the sites are destroyed or hidden deeply...
The Terracotta Army - China

Secrets of Chinese Terracotta Army Weapons Revealed

In 1974, one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the world took place when more than 8000 life-size clay warriors were uncovered in Xi’an, China. They have become known as the ‘...