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Reconstructed face of a medieval woman from the 14th century, who was buried at Whithorn Priory, Galloway, Scotland.	Source: Dr Chris Rynn / University of Dundee

The Medieval Faces of Whithorn Priory’s Cold Case Project Revealed

A three-dimensional likeness of a young woman buried at Galloway, Scotland’s Whithorn Priory, laid to rest at one of Scotland’s earliest Christian sites centuries ago, is about to be revealed. The...
George Henderson holding the priory seal matrix; close up of the seal; Butley Priory that the seal represents.   Source: Hansons Auctioneers

10-Year-Old Metal Detectorist Unearths Rare 13th Century Seal Matrix

A 10-year-old boy from Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire has joined the ranks of the United Kingdom’s most successful and well-known metal detectorists. While out searching in a field in Woodbridge...
Part of a Tudor wall painting inside the Charterhouse priory, Coventry, England. Source: Charterhouse Coventry

Medieval Charterhouse Rises from Decades of Neglect

With deeply-spiritual origins, and an important function in the religious framework of medieval England, Coventry's medieval Charterhouse priory was all but destroyed in the Reformation. But now,...
An artist's reconstruction of the burial of the high-status Spitalfields Roman woman. Source: MOLA

Spitalfields Roman Woman Reveals London’s Multicultural, Morbid Past

The somewhat morbid history of East London’s Spitalfields Market area is revealed after three decades of archaeological research, and the story of the enigmatic “Spitalfields Roman woman” unearthed...
A chunk came out of the coffin after visitors put a child inside it Image

No, It’s Not a Cot: 13th Century Coffin Smashed in Photo Attempt at Priory Museum

In the UK, some careless and one might say foolhardy visitors to the Prittlewell Priory Museum in Southend, Essex caused damage to an 800-year-old stone sarcophagus when they placed their child into...
Greyfriars’ Coffin

A Twist in the Tale of the Greyfriars’ Coffin

Back in July we reported on a mysterious stone coffin found at the ruins of the 12 th century Greyfriars church in Leicester, England, the site where King Richard III was discovered last year...