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Traditional Korean printing press. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Great Big Story.

The Hidden History of Korea's Printing Innovation (Video)

Situated just 30 miles northwest of Seoul, a narrative unfolds that underscores Korea's devotion to the written word. Even before Johannes Gutenberg introduced movable type to Europe in 1440 , Korea...
Ajrak block-printing in Pakistan. Source: fahadee / Adobe Stock

Small Town Keeps 5,000-Year-Old Ajrak Tradition Alive in Pakistan (Video)

Ajrak is a unique and traditional form of block-printed shawl or scarf that is indigenous to the Sindh region of Pakistan and parts of India. The art of Ajrak has been practiced for over 5,000 years...
Chevalier Tristan Bréville, owner and curator of the Photography Museum of Mauritius Source: Courtesy Micki Pistorius

The First Newspaper in the Southern Hemisphere

In 1773 the first printed newspaper in the Southern Hemisphere was published in Mauritius. The tiny island of Mauritius may only seem like a verdant dot in the azure blue Indian Ocean, yet this...
Chinese cell printing technique

Scientists turn to ancient Chinese woodblocks to develop new cell-printing technique

Scientists have abandoned high-tech devices for a 2,000-year-old Chinese woodblock in order to find an improved way of squeezing tiny, individual living cells out into orderly patterns for lab...