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Does Bone Arrowhead Prove Biblical Account of Epic Battle of Gath?

Does Bone Arrowhead Prove Biblical Account of Epic Battle of Gath?

In the Hebrew Bible, the Book of Kings tells a story about how an Aramean king named Hazael conquered and destroyed the famed Philistine city-state of Gath, the home of the legendary giant Goliath...
Macquarie student Hannah Newman discovered the bronze calf figurine during the last week of the excavation at the Ziklag site. Source: Macquarie University

Students Unearth Rare Treasures at Lost Biblical City of Ziklag

A team of students working on what may be the long-lost biblical city of Ziklag have uncovered a hoard of rare objects at a site in Israel . Their finds are adding to the body of evidence that the...
A skull from a 10th-9th century BC burial in the excavation of the Philistine cemetery in Ashkelon. New research on Philistine DNA reveals their southern European origins. Source: Tsafrir Abayov/Leon Levy Expedition

DNA Shows Biblical Philistines Came From Europe

New research on Philistine DNA reveals that the Biblical enemies of the Israelites were newcomers to the region in the 12th century BC. Where did they come from? Their genes suggest Southern Europe...
A lion is hunted, and is near death. Assyrian relief, Nineveh, north palace, 645-635 BCE

Hunting the Lions: A Dead King, and a Collapsing Assyrian Empire – Part I

The fall of Assyria was with a whimper and in no way ended with a bang. Instead, it ended in a slow, agonizing death. Ashurbanipal, Assyria's last great king, ascended the throne only to inherit a...
A Philistine warship.

Kunulua: Homeland of the Philistine Sea Peoples Finally Found?

The Sea Peoples were a group of tribes that arose and battled against ancient Mediterranean communities from 1276-1178 BC. At the time the victims of their barrages called them: the Sherden, the...
Uncovered walls and gate, Tel Zafit National Park, Israel (Archaeology )

Massive Gate May Have Been the Entrance to Biblical City of Gath

Archaeologists have discovered the tops of fortified walls and a massive entrance gate in Tel Zafit National Park dating back to the Iron Age and may have been the entrance to the biblical city of...
Assyrian fortifications from a legendary battle

Archaeologists discover Assyrian fortifications from a legendary battle

About 3,000 years ago during the Iron Age, the Assyrians were a major power in the Middle East and North Africa. Their military might was terrifying. And now, a new archaeological finding reveals...