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The skull of Paranthropus boisei, known as KNM ER 406, photographed at the Nairobi National Museum in August 2012.                    Source: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen/CC BY-SA 3.0

Paranthropus-Our Most Mysterious Extinct Cousins (Video)

In the tapestry of human evolution , the enigmatic Paranthropus emerges as a parallel cousin to our Homo ancestors. Discovered in South and East Africa in the late 1930s, these hominins, including...
Examples of an Oldowan percussive tool, core and flakes dating from roughly 2.9 million years ago and found at the Nyayanga site in Kenya are seen in this undated handout image. Source: T.W. Plummer, J.S. Oliver, and E. M. Finestone/Homa Peninsula Paleoanthropology Project

Results of Kenyan Dig Suggest Africa’s First Toolmakers Were Not Human

A multi-year series of excavations at a site near Lake Victoria in Kenya unearthed a collection of Oldowan stone tools that are likely the oldest ever found on Earth, dating back to the Pliocene...
At one of the entrances to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania stands a monument to human evolution: the huge and heavy Paranthropus skull (left) next to a Homo Habilis skull (right).       Source: Иван Грабилин / Adobe Stock

Paranthropus “Nutcracker” Teeth Theory Debunked in New Study

Living approximately between 2.6 million years ago and 0.6 million years ago, the Paranthropus genus is closely related to our genus, Homo sapiens , serving as a long-standing close fossil relative...
The newly discovered Paranthropus skull. Source: Jesse Martin and David Strait

Paranthropus Skull Find Suggests Distant Human Cousins Evolved Quickly

Researchers have long believed that the distant human ancestor species called Paranthropus robustus were somewhat like modern gorillas, orangutans, and baboons because they thought the males of this...