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Left; Ogham script on Bambie Thug cheek, Middle; translation, Right; Ogham stone found in Coventry. 	Source: Left, center; Reddit Right; The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

Ogham Script Not Only Found on Eurovision Contestants Bambie Thug

Bambie Thug have kicked up a storm for having a Palestinian protest message hidden in plain sight during their performances in the run up to the Eurovision final this Saturday. The messages were...
Ancient Pictish Cross Stone Slab ‘Complicates History’

Ancient Pictish Cross Stone Slab ‘Complicates History’

A rare stone carved around 1,500-years-ago has been discovered in a Scottish cemetery. Showing a bull, pelicans and script from a bygone alphabet, cross-slab was created by the ancient “painted...
Three different images of the recently discovered souterrain underground tunnel system north-northeast of Dublin, Ireland. The middle image was the discovery of the roof in a cauliflower field. Source: Joe Thompson / Dublin Gazette

Bold Explorer Enters Underground Souterrain Tunnels Exposed By Farmer

An amateur explorer has released a video of himself exploring a hitherto lost underground “souterrain” chamber. But the journey he filmed inside this strange place is not for the claustrophobic among...
A ‘Cult of Saints’ Meant Plentiful Sainthoods For Celtic Aristocracy

A ‘Cult of Saints’ Meant Plentiful Sainthoods For Celtic Aristocracy

Dark Age Britain was apparently full of “saints”…well, at least hundreds of people gained membership into the ‘cult of saints’ at that time. Up to 3-4 percent of aristocrats may have been awarded...
Ogham sticks

The Celtic Ogham: An Ancient Tree Alphabet that May Disappear Before Showing its Roots

In secluded fields, on the walls of churches, and beneath construction sites, stones have been found with intricate markings that rise from the lower left up to the center and then down to the lower...
Close-up of the undeciphered writing on the Newton Stone. (Deriv.)

Deciphering The Newton Stone’s Mysterious “Unknown Script”

Every once in a while, objects of interest come across my desk that hold certain features that lift them just beyond our understanding. The enigmatic Newton Stone is one such artifact, not only...