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Peruvian nose ornament with spiders. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

Ancient Peruvians Loved Spider-Themed Nose Jewelry (Video)

Peruvian fashion in ancient times showcased septum jewelry adorned with spiders, a unique and captivating choice. These intricate ornaments, often cast in gold, were far from everyday wear, instead...
The statue of pharaoh Senwosret III, who ruled from 1878 BC to 1839 BC, is another in a long line of missing Egyptian noses. Source: Public domain

Why Are So Many Ancient Egyptian Statues Missing Their Noses?

The missing noses on ancient Egyptian statues have been a topic of discussion and curiosity within art history circles for many years. It is a common question that many people ask: why are the noses...
The saying “to cut off your nose to spite your face” is said to have its origins in the actions of Saint Aebbe and the marauding Vikings. Source: LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS / Adobe Stock

Saint Aebbe Cut Off Her Nose to Spite Her Face

If you’ve ever heard the saying “cut off your nose to spite your face,” have you ever wondered where it came from? Legend has it that Saint Aebbe, also known as Saint Ebba or Æbbe the Younger, was a...
The mummified 2,000-year-old Egyptian woman at The National Museum in Warsaw, who has been examined as part of a medical project to better understand cancer origins. Source: Pawel Supernak / Science in Poland

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Shows Evidence of Nose Cancer

Archaeologists in Poland have been studying the mummy of a 2,000-year-old Egyptian woman who died young and evidence suggests she died from nose cancer. Scientists suspect this mummy could provide...
 ‘An Arab Caravan outside a Fortified Town, Egypt.

Inside Rhinocolura, The City Of Noseless Criminals

Near the city of Gaza, 3,000 years ago, laid a city unlike any other in the world. The Greeks called it Rhinocolura, named for strange faces of the people who lived there – because every person there...
How Our Ancient Noses Drove Many Species to Extinction

How Our Ancient Noses Drove Many Species to Extinction

Could it be that the key to the survival of early humans lay in their ancient noses? A new book claims that early humans had an evolutionary advantage over their rivals thanks to their ability to...
Odeuropa will publish a smell encyclopedia, after research into historic smells. This is a groundbreaking sensory archaeology project which has been awarded a grant by the EU Horizon 2020 program. Source: Wellcome Trust / CC BY 4.0

AI Bot Will Sniff Out Historic Smells to Recreate Ancient Smellscapes

An artificial intelligence (AI) robot is set to scan historical texts and paintings to recreate now extinct scents and smells. In the 2006 movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer , directed by Tom...
Image illustrates the difference in skull and nose shape in the three human species tested: Neanderthal, Modern Human, and Homo heidelbergensis.

Professor Lends Anatomy Expertise to Solve Ancient Mystery

Scientists have long wondered why the physical traits of Neanderthals, the ancestors of modern humans, differ greatly from today's man. In particular, researchers have deliberated the factors that...
Busts of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

Why No Nose? The Ancient Breath of Life and Remarkably Powerful ‘Living Statues’

Why was is so important for bodies and images to remain intact after death in Ancient Egypt? And what was the power of ancient statues and reliefs – that they would be a danger to a Pharaoh? For the...
Relief of a seated poet (Menander) with masks of New Comedy, 1st century B.C. – early 1st century AD.

Decapitation? No Problem. The Magic of Restoration: Ancient Myths and Practices of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery, not just a modern practice, has always existed and was shrouded in mystery, magic, and eroticism. An Indian physician named Sushruta, who was widely regarded in India as the “father...
46,000-Year-Old Kangaroo Bone Ornament is Oldest Bone Jewelry Ever Found

46,000-Year-Old Kangaroo Bone Ornament is Oldest Bone Jewelry Ever Found

The oldest known piece of bone jewelry attributed to Homo sapiens has been excavated in the Kimberley region of northern Australia by archaeologists at the Australian National University (ANU). This...
Eight Impressive but Terrifying Cases of Ancient Surgery

Eight Impressive but Terrifying Cases of Ancient Surgery

It is hard to fathom the way in which invasive surgery was carried out prior to the development of modern anaesthesia, but ancient people around the world have been cutting and drilling into the...