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Russia plans to explore Ganymede


The Jupiter Research Project of Russia includes a mission to land a space probe to Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, by 2022. It will take approximately 10 years for the spacecraft to reach Ganymede and eventually land on its surface sending back valuable information about the moon of Jupiter.

According to the Greek mythology, Ganymede was a divine hero from Troy. He was so beautiful that Zeus (Jupiter) was transformed into an eagle and took him to mount Olympus in order to be with the Gods. Zeus gave Ganymede immortality and eternal youth and he lived among Gods serving them wine.

Ganymede is a planet that has its own atmosphere, as discovered by the Galileo mission. And at the same time Hubble Telescope has shown that ozone exists in Ganymede. Also there is large amounts of water in the form of ice. Is it possible to find life on Ganymede? Probably we will have to wait another 20 years.

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