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Double Fire Dragons From The Sky

Good day all, I am curious if someone might be able to help me.   A long time ago I remember reading a story, of an old earth myth.  It went along the lines of a two headed fire dragon that fell from the sky and caused great damage and havoc upon the earth.  Or it was two Dragons, one eating the others tail that hit the earth, or two dragons that passed by the earth very close one eating the others tail of fire.   I have not been able to find this old story or information regarding it.

anyone our there remember this or know the story name, or the civilization who had that story?

thank you in advance.

Too headed fire dragon from the sky solved

Fujioka Atsushi, the author, a Professor of Economics, at Ritsumeikan University and Planning Director, of Kyoto Museum for World Peace. Who is a specialist on the US nuclear economy, space and intelligence strategy, and economic conversion from military to civilian-oriented industry.

Said in his understanding of the Ongoing Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima:  it was like a “Two Headed Dragon” Descending into the Earth’s Biosphere.  Paul Katz