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Mining Asteroids

Mining Metals on Asteroids Could Begin Within 2 Years


A remarkable development in space technology involving the use of unmanned ships to intercept small asteroids and mine for useful ores and minerals could by operational as early as 2015.

The innovative plans have been developed by Deep Space Industries and a host of other start-up firms with the aim of tapping into the resources of near-Earth objects to help fuel our civilisations next stage of technological advancement.

The company has said the space crafts would be a relatively low-cost technology and could be launched into orbit on the back of larger communications satellites.

In keeping with the ambitions of other space-mining companies, Deep Space Industries claims that harvesting asteroids for their resources could also help with an eventual manned mission to Mars.

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We could tone it down a little bit and revert back to primitive orgins to live happy and simple lives or... we could go into space and try to mine asteroids to make our lives over complication. Which ever works.

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