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Temple of Fire, Peru

Ancient Mysteries Unveiled at the Temple of Fire (Peru)


Archaeologists have made a surprising discovery in the El Paraiso archaeological complex in the Chillon valley, located just outside the Peruvian capital.

A rectangular structure with a ceremonial fireplace, since named the ‘Temple of Fire’, was found in a wing of El Paraiso’s central pyramid and is believed to be more than 5,000 years old.  It is believed that the fireplace was used to burn offerings within the temple.

The discovery is significant as it is now the earliest known temple of its kind to be found on Peru’s central coast and the find shows that the Andean world was more closely connected than previously thought -- this early construction set a blueprint reproduced in the ancient mountain chain civilizations for the centuries to come.

According to Peru’s Deputy Minister for Culture, Rafael Varon, “"It corroborates that the region around Lima was a focus for the civilisations of the Andean territory, further bolstering its religious, economic and political importance since times immemorial."

Spanning over 125 acres and with ten architectural units including temples, plazas and residences, El Paraiso is one of the biggest archaeological sites in central Peru and many of its mysteries are yet to be uncovered.

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