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Traces of the Minoan Civilization from Egypt to Syria


The Minoan Civilization was one of the greatest Ancient Civilizations and is known for stories of superheroes, flying machines, Godly intervention, a powerful army and an advanced civilization. It was located on the Island of Crete in Greece, at a strategic place in the Mediterranean. However until now there was no evidence of the Minoans anywhere outside the Aegean Sea.

In the last few years archaeological evidence of the Minoan civilization was discovered extending far beyond Crete. In archaeological excavations in Egyptian cities, Minoan ceramics have been discovered. But the Minoan Civilization had been trading not only with Egypt but also Syria and Turkey.

Recently, Minoan Frescos were discovered in what appears to be the remains of a palace in Tel Kabri, Israel. This discovery raises the question of why the King of Tel Kabri would want to adorn his palace in Aegean art?  Either the Minoan Civilization has extended its power so far and Tel Kabri was part of this expansion or the ruler of Tel Kabri wanted to stylize his kingdom with Minoan art probably as a symbol of wealth and power.

Minoan frescoes have also been discovered in Egypt (Tell el-Dab’s), Turkey (Alalakh) and Syria (Qatna) which suggests an expansion of the Empire of the Minoan Civilization in the countries around the Mediterranean.

We know so little about the Minoan Civilization but it looks that its power was all around the Mediterranean in the Bronze Age era.

By John Black



The Minoans on Crete and Thera was the largest colony but it was one of the many island colonies set up by the Phoenicians.
The palace that was found in Kabri, Israel was actually in Southern Phoenicia and is one of the many trading Palaces that can be found all over the Mediterranean.

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