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Lost city of the Giants

Developments on the "Lost City of Giants" in Ecuador

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In 2012, a team of explorers and researchers discovered what they believed to be an ancient pyramid complex in a remote area of the Ecuador Amazonian jungle, one not known to the general public internationally or even within the country.  Bruce Fenton, author and researcher, believes the complex may be the ‘Lost City of the Giants’, so named for the large giant-sized tools that were found in the vicinity, as well as the local legends that speak of a race of giant humans who once inhabited the region.

At the discovered site there is one extremely large pyramidal type structure of approximately 80 metres square base and 80 metres height, with steeply inclined walls. This structure is made up of hundreds of large stone blocks, weighing approximately 2 tonnes in weight.  The large hill has a flat area at the top where many artifacts have been found. "It looks like a paved wall, an ancient street or plaza with a 60 degrees angle, perhaps the roof of a larger structure. Many of the stones were perfectly aligned, have sharp edges and seemed to have been sculpted by human hands,” said Mr Duverneuil, who undertook an expedition to the site in April and May, 2013.

A photo of part of the wall at the site - The City of the Giants

A photo of part of the wall at the site. Photo credit: Earth4all.

Between the blocks there is a hard bonding substance like cement or concrete, or some kind of vitrified material.  Scattered around the area are a great many artifacts of stone and pottery. Many of these objects appear to be stone tools, some of which are extremely large and heavy and would have proven difficult for any normal sized human being to use in any practical fashion.  

One of the stone artifacts found at the site

One of the stone artifacts found at the site. Photo credit: Earth4all

The size of the tools has led Fenton to suspect that this is one of the legendary lost cities of the giants, well known in local Ecuadorian legends about the Amazonian area.  Such places generate great fear among the members of the indigenous inhabitants of Ecuador as they are believed to be protected either by spirit guardians or by beings not of this world. Local legends pertain to giant humans who lived in cities that have become forgotten in the pages of history. In fact bones of giant people have been found in caves in the area – as well as in other parts of Ecuador.

The government of Ecuador was informed of the discovery and later in 2013, an expedition was arranged through the Ministry of Culture, and included Ministry Police, archaeologists and researchers. Sadly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the government team concluded that the site was a natural formation and not man-made, ruling out any government funded excavations, or preservation of the site.

Fenton and colleagues dispute their conclusion that the site is a natural formation, pointing out the rectangular blocks, bonding material between the stones, the precision of the stone work, and the discovery of the stone tools, as well as a number of large stones with circular holes cut right through the middle.

One of the stones with a circular hole

An example of one of the stones with a circular hole cut into it. Photo credit: Earth4all

“There can be no doubt now that what we have here is the remnants of human habitation from a very ancient era,” wrote Fenton on his website Earth4all. “What we need to do now is have samples tested, dated, and examined by relevant experts.” Fenton and colleagues also hope to set up a museum in the nearest local village where artifacts can be safely kept and shown to researchers and the public. To this aim, they are seeking help in raising funds for the museum and for further research and exploration.

Watch YouTube video of the Ecuadorian site

By April Holloway



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For me the variable size concept is natuaral with the larger structures of our dinosaurs and a logical natural process is evident.

The New Perspective is a current philosophy studying the process of life on Earth with respect to the evolutionary process and life-cycle of the planets. A pattern is recognisable through biogeographical studies that determines the physical uniqueness or unique characteristic of animals on Earth. This pattern is directly correlated to the formation of the Earths structure from head to tail. The pattern explains the regional variations of globally distributed species but is also evident in the animals that lived as recently as 10000 years ago or less - Irish deer, cave bear, saber tooth tiger, cave lion and the wooly rhinoceros ect. The same pattern is also evident through dinosaur records. 

What conditions or changing conditions determine the ability for life on Earth to change in size maintaining distinctive characteristics?. It is measured that the Earth is slowing very fractionally in it's rotation and we know that rotation is relative to the distance from the sun. Ancient fossil coral, records the number of days in a year of which 420 days existed in a year an estimated 420 million years ago. Here are the number of days on each of the following planets. 420 days per year puts Earth at a position further from the sun, roughly a quarter of the distance to Mars.  

Mercury  1       Venus 1        Earth  365      Mars 670       Jupiter 10504      Saturn 25292  

With this changing environmental movement through the Goldilocks zone, time is also altered as a year or revolution becomes a larger value. This life-cycle movement for the planets allows scientific records to be view giving logic to this size variation through all fossil records. For extended articles explaining these newly discovered patterns and planetary movements please visit;-

So if in the future, say 10000 years, archaeologists unearth my daughters doll's house. I assume they would put forward the idea of an ancient race of people no bigger than mice. 

or perhaps they unearth Mount Rushmore which has been buried in sediment. My God!! there must have been a race of alien beings with enormous heads and teeny weeny legs.

Good grief how about some real evidence for a change like a giant skeleton,skull etc. etc, verified by a reputable (heaven forbid) authority.

I always wonder why ancient people build giant structures and sculptures...


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April Holloway is a Co-Owner, Editor and Writer of Ancient Origins. For privacy reasons, she has previously written on Ancient Origins under the pen name April Holloway, but is now choosing to use her real name, Joanna Gillan.

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