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Crimea: A 2,300 years old massacre discovered

A 2,300 years old massacre discovered


Chersonesos is an ancient city on the Crimean peninsula, which was founded by Greek colonists at the end of the 6th century BC. The area was once used to cultivate crops to create food for the Greek cities but it also went through many conquests - according to archaeologists, a large percentage of the inhabitants were killed by invaders. 

In a grisly discovery, archaeologists discovered the skeletons of a number of the city's inhabitants lying just forty centimetres below the surface in between the house remains of ancient Crimea. Associate professor Vladimir Stolba of the Department of Culture and Society of the Aarhus University of Denmark, said that archaeologists were witnessing a 2,300-year-old murder scene in which a family was mercilessly slaughtered inside their house.

Because of the fact that the excavated area was a rural agricultural city and no cities were built after that, the remains and artefacts are in an excellent condition, giving the chance to archaeologists to find more information. The excavations have shown that the people were killed during their everyday activities.

Who invaded Crimea and who was responsible for this massacre is still unknown and currently there is no historical evidence for such an event. Archaeologists continue their excavations and research which hopefully will lead to more information about it­­.

Another sad example of the cruelty of human nature.

By John Black



I wrote a story about Ancient Greece. Historical Fiction relating to this setting. If any would like to read it, please send me a reply with your email and I will email you the story. Fact: this story was a school assignment.

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