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Extinct Animals

Could we see a return of extinct early humans?


Scientists in Russia and South Korean have been working on bringing back extinct species such as the woolly mammoth by cloning their DNA.  Could ancient humans be the next to return?  The possibility is very real now that scientists have been able to extract intact DNA from the remains of our ancient ancestors, such as well-preserved specimens from the ice age and bronze age.  It may even be possible to bring back Neanderthals or earlier species such as the Homo habilis or Homo erectus.

The potential for bringing back extinct humans is controversial.  Critics say that bringing back extinct species raises many practical questions, such as where to put them, while proponents, such as author Gini Graham Scott, argue that it would be a great opportunity to learn about our past and our ancient ancestry:

“Given the tumultuous times we live in, perhaps it might be instructive to learn from once extinct animals and our very ancient ancestors” said Scott.

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