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Archaeology and Money

Spirituality and Alternative archaeology becoming a ‘profitable’ market


Just when we think that something is changing in our world, it becomes apparent that nothing is in fact changing at all, rather there is simply a shift from one side to the other.  What we are beginning to see is that there is a new ‘business plan’ that includes spirituality and alternative archaeology or in some cases both combined. While on the surface it may look like a positive change, underlying the move is the desire for profit.

There is a new generation of businessmen that see where the trends are moving and pounce on opportunity, building a new image of themselves as ‘spiritual’ and ‘knowledgeable’.  More and more sites and businesses are emerging that offer the ‘solution’ that will change your life and will give you the ‘keys’ to find the ‘truth’ and become ‘successful’ in  your life, normally citing their own superficial achievements as personal example.  Unfortunately, because there are genuine people out there who are hungry for such truths, they are being taken advantage of and this greedy new breed of entrepreneurs are becoming richer, offering 5% useful information, which is not their own anyway, and mixing it in with 95% rubbish.

The human brain is a powerful illusion tool. When Rene Descartes said ‘I think, therefore I am’, he was referring to the fact that all each person has is their own reality, the one that they create. However, the term ‘reality’ is perhaps the wrong one to use; it should be ‘illusion’, because our perceptions and beliefs have been moulded by what has been fed to us by society and the world around, and that does not equate to truth. If someone makes you believe in something then you will begin to see some results, not because of the information that was provided to you, but because of your belief in that information. And this is what businessmen today are taking advantage of.

A similar situation is when we come to alternative archaeology. Researchers will find something new, without sufficient evidence, sometimes even alter the evidence to support their theory and then get stuck in that. Why? Because they gain popularity and therefore money. They become ‘experts’ and then safeguard their ‘discovery’, becoming closed to anything that would compromise what made them known. And sadly, many good researchers have abandoned science to enter the more profitable domain of speakers and writers.

But isn’t it the same with conventional archaeology? They have found theories and evidence to support their theories, and the degrees hanging on their walls help them to push their ideas and became well-known and respected.  Then they vehemently oppose anything that will unravel their theory and jeopardize their position.

It has become evident that the domain of alternative archaeology frequently falls into the same traps as the conventional.  And the reason is simple - people are people and human psychology is the same whatever the domain or field.  For conventional archaeologists, alternative archaeologists are ‘heretics’. For alternative archaeologists, conventional archaeologists are ‘blind’. In both cases you have the exact same behaviour. There are very few true researchers.

Ancient Origins is dedicated to finding the truth of our ancient history and not to support any theory as the answer. While we publish articles and news from all sources, we believe that the opinions or conclusions drawn by the original researchers should not be treated as ‘truth’, but as a perspective that warrants attention and further exploration. Nor are we absolute in our own ideas or conclusions.

We believe it is dangerous to follow any ‘authority’ that claims to know-all, no matter how impressive their credentials or how ‘open-minded’ they may appear to be. The domain of the spiritual and the alternative is just as corrupted as the conventional and mainstream.  Stay clear of anyone who claims to have the perfect solution to change your life or to change the world, particularly those that come at a cost.

By John Black



I am from India . Spiritual archaeology is still unknown word for Indians even though ours if the ancient country.I am visiting Egypt by end of May. Would like to know the studies going around the world

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John Black

Dr John (Ioannis) Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black. He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins.

John is a computer & electrical engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a... Read More

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