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Pyramids in Sudan

35 Pyramids Uncovered in Sudan with Intriguing Links to Ancient Egypt


Archaeologists have unearthed a remarkable find in Sedeinga, Sudan, including 35 densely concentrated pyramids and a number of important artefacts.

The site was originally part of the ancient Kingdom of Kush, which once shared a border with Egypt.

The pyramids were dated at approximately 2,000 years old and, while the architecture has been strongly influenced by Egyptian funerary architecture, they are much smaller than their Egyptian counterparts, ranging from 22 feet in width to just 30 inches.

However, the pyramids reveal fascinating links between the former Kingdom of Kush and ancient Egypt.  A number of artefacts discovered at the site include depictions of Egyptian Gods. For example, an offering table is decorated with illustrations of the God Anubis and a Goddess believed to be Isis.

Work at the site is ongoing.

You can read more here.

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