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Belgammel Ram

2000 years old Warship Reveals Secrets


In 1964 near Tobruk in Libya an old bronze battering ram belonging to a 2000 old ship was discovered. The artefact is known as Belgammel Ram. What is interesting about the ram is its composition. At a weight of 20kg an alloy object like this would have been difficult to be made and until now we didn’t know how.

Experts analysed the mixture of the alloy which was found to be 87% of copper, 6% of tin and 7% of lead, showing that the Ram was cast as one piece. Wood found on the Belgammel Ram was carbon dated to be of about 100BC to 100AD.

It is interesting to know that this specific alloy doesn’t suffer from a corrosion procedure that destroys bronze objects, making this object survive underwater for more than 2000 years. Obviously this object must have been made like this on purpose so the salty water does not destroy it, which takes us to the next question which is how did they acquire this knowledge?

Further research will give answers as to the origins of the lead that was found in the bronze artefact and help us learn more of the origins of the ram.

The Belgammel Ram is another example showing how the knowledge of the Ancients are more advanced than what we originally thought and yet we do not know how they acquired that knowledge, which increases the probabilities of the existence of Ancient civilizations that we do not yet know. You can read more here.

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