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Negev Desert

South Church of Subeita (Felix Tchvertkin / Adobe Stock)

Excavating Subeita, Byzantine City In The Negev Desert

The Byzantine town of Subeita (Shivta) in the Negev Desert , was an integral part of the Byzantine province of Third Palestine. The Romans had first incorporated it into their Empire in 106 AD, and...
Neanderthals cohabited with modern humans in the Negev desert. Source: Kovalenko I / Adobe Stock

Humans and Neanderthals Met and Mated 50,000 Years Ago in Negev Desert

A recent re-examination of artifacts collected from Israel’s central Negev desert has revealed important details about the development of human culture in the region, according to a new study...
11-Year-Old Boy Finds Rare Ancient Fertility Goddess Amulet In Israel

11-Year-Old Boy Finds Rare Ancient Fertility Goddess Amulet In Israel

A rare 2,500-year-old fertility goddess amulet has been unearthed in Israel's Negev Desert, not by archaeologists, but by a boy on holiday. Dating to the 5th or 6th century BC, known to historians as...
Hi-tech Metal Furnace of the Negev Alchemists Incinerates History

Hi-tech Metal Furnace of the Negev Alchemists Incinerates History

Evidence of a “leap forward” in metallurgy has been discovered at a 6,500 years old site in Beersheba in the Negev Desert of southern Israel. This story begins in 2017 when archaeologists in Israel...
Dust deposits carried by the wind to other places created fertile soils in the Fertile Crescent.   Source: Lukasz Janyst / Adobe Stock

New Study Proves How Desert Dust Deposits Created The Fertile Crescent

We consider dust to be a nuisance and worse, but without it, the history of humanity may have been very different. This is because dust deposits played a crucial role in creating an important fertile...
Tel Arad fortress, source of the ostracon that led to the Biblical-era mystery.  Source: Public Domain

Israeli Forensic Police Investigator Helps Solve Bible-era Mystery

Research on ancient writings in Israel may have solved a long-standing Bible-era mystery. Researchers have shown that literacy was much more common than previously assumed among the ancient Hebrews...
Ruins of the biblical Beersheba, Tel Be'er Sheva, Israel           Source: lic0001 / Adobe Stock

Israel’s Rare Artifacts from the Ancient Biblical City of Be’er Sheva

Israel has many fascinating and important archaeological sites, and many have biblical associations. One of the most popular is Tel Be’er Sheva archaeological park. This holds the remains of a city...
Tools featuring Nubian Levallois technique found in situ by Dimona, in the Negev Desert, Israel. Source: Emil Eladjem, Israel Antiquities Authority

Artifacts Reveal Out of Africa Route Through Negev Desert

A spectacular Meso-Paleolithic site has been found in the Negev Desert in Israel. Artifacts from this desert site are enhancing archaeologists’ understanding of how modern humans made their way into...
A copper bowl burning frankincense.

Why Did Ancient People Travel Thousands of Kilometers for Incense?

In ancient times, people would travel thousands of kilometers across land and sea, along a network of trading routes, to acquire the precious commodities of myrrh and frankincense. The ancient...
Leopard Trap Discovered in Israel

5,000-Year-Old Leopard Trap Discovered in Israel

Scattered throughout the Negev Desert in the southern part of Israel are around 50 small constructions that look very much like piles of stones but which are in fact animal traps. Researchers had...