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Stone Age animal and human depictions in Doro! nawas mountains, Namibia. Source: Andreas Pastoors/PLoS ONE

Encoded Information Found in Stone Age Animal Track Engravings in Namibia

A trio of German archaeologists commissioned three indigenous trackers from southern Africa to analyze hundreds of animal track engravings made by Late Stone Age (25,000 to 3,000 BC) hunter-gatherers...
German soldiers shooting Herero people in 1904

Herero and Namaqua Genocide: The Little-Known First Genocide of the Second Reich

When you hear the word genocide, your mind may immediately go to the Holocaust by the Nazis during the Second World War. Very few know that the first genocide of the 20th century that almost led to...
The eland of Ha Baroana.

Sacred Powers Fade Along With the Rock Art of the San People at Ha Baroana

As the world is getting smaller, thanks to technology and air travel, many previously mysterious, historic sites have become better known and it’s possible for ordinary tourists to visit these...
The eembuvi-plaits of Mbalantu women. Photo: CHL Hahn, Collection Antje Otto

The Braided Rapunzels of Namibia: Every Stage of Life is Reflected in Their Hair

Not everyone desires floor-length hair, but if you do, you can take some lessons from the Mbalantu women of Namibia in Africa, who are renowned for their incredibly long, braided hair. Throughout the...
Fairy circles in the Marienflusstal area in Namibia.

Secrets Behind the Namibian Fairy Circles May Finally Be Solved

Hundreds of strange circular patches of ground where nothing grows can be found amongst the thick grass of the vast Namib desert. These bald spots apparently exist, and sometimes grow, for years...
Treasures of the Diamond Shipwreck to be Revealed for First Time

Treasures of the Diamond Shipwreck to be Revealed for First Time

The Bom Jesus, a ship which seemingly vanished without a trace, was unearthed in a surprising location in 2008. The ship, its crew, and its cargo of gold went missing in 1533. Known also as the ‘...
Khoisan busy barbecuing grasshoppers

Khoisan people of South Africa were once the most populous humans on Earth

The Khoisan, an indigenous population in Namibia, may once have comprised the majority of living humans on the planet, for much of the past 150,000 years. The Khoisan population declined about 22,000...
Bom Jesus, the Diamond Shipwreck

The Misfortune of the Bom Jesus, the Diamond Shipwreck

The so-called Age of Discovery in Europe began in the early 15 th century, and produced numerous well-known explorers such as Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, and Christopher Columbus. But there...