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Giannis Baltzois

Lieutenant General Giannis Baltzois was born in Arta in 1954. He studied at the Greek Military University in 1972 and graduated in 1976. He has served in many special positions such as:

- European Union observer during the war with Bosnia (1993-1994) and mission officer of the European Community Monitor Mission (ECMM) at RF ZENICA in central Bosnia and RC KNIN in Craina.

- Adjutant of the ex-president of Greece, Costas Stefanopoulos between 1995-2000.

- Defence advisor at TEL AVIV, between 2000 and 2003 during the 2nds Palestinian Intifada.

Additionally he is a graduate of:

- The Supreme War School in Greece

- The School of National Defence

- The Tactical Intelligence School of the US Military in Arizona

Giannis has cooperated with the well-known Greek magazine ‘AMYNTIKA THEMATA’ (Defence Matters) and has written plenty of articles on Greek magazines and Newspapers on topics related to Middle East. He has appeared in multiple Greek TV shows like Blue Sky, Kontra, Extra and E TV under the role of geopolitical analysts for Middle East. He has given interviews to newspapers and Radios in Greece and Australia.

Giannis is married and has two children.



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